THE call OF THE WILDCharacters by ChapterEDITOR:Kristian Fabricante
1BuckJudge Miller"s dog.

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Judge Miller"s ar - home of Buck.
TootsThe Japanese Pug.
YsabelThe mexican Hairless.
JudgeMillerBuck"s first owner.
Mollie MillerDaughter of judge Miller.
AliceMillerDaughter of referee Miller.
ElmoSt. Boy name / father of Buck.
ManuelThe gardener"s helper that kidnapped Buck.
Saloon-KeeperThe male who tormented Buck.
PerraultFrench-Canadian guy trains sled dogs. Friend of Francois.
CurlyFriend the Buck.
FrancoisFrench-Canadian letter driver to buy Buck. Perrault's friend.
DaveThe brand-new sled dog the Francois / A lazy dog.
2SpitzThe leader of Francois"s dog-team / A big snow-dog.
BileeNew sled dog of Francois / A Husky.
JoeNew sleds dog of Francois / A Husky.
Sol-leksAn old husky / Francois brand-new sled dog.
PikeNew sledge’s dog of Francois / A clever malingerer and also thief.
DubAn aer blunderer.
3DollyThe critical dog included to Francois"s "sled dog team".
4TeekA indigenous husky.
KoonaA aboriginal husky.
5HalAmerican yellow seeker. Purchase buck from Francois & Perrault.
CharlesBrother-in-law that Hal / Mercedes"s husband.
MercedesSister the Hal / Charles"s wife.
JohnThorntonBuck"s brand-new owner / The man who conserved Buck"s life.
6HansJohn Thornton"s partner.
PeteJohn Thornton"s partner.
MatthewsonA Bonanza king.

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Jim O"BrienA Mastodon king.
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