My inner lights continue to be on all the time and also the "door ajar" light is on every the time. There is a relay move under the dash because that the interior lights - have to I check this? thanks for your help!

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Hello, 9 times the end of 10 it will certainly be the motorists side door ajar switch which is located on the door latch which may need replacement. Below are the accuse in the diagrams listed below so girlfriend can inspect it out. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize what friend find.

Opening and also closing the passenger side power window often causes interior lamp to come. I need to roll the window up and also down till I with the combination of window up and also lights out. Last night -driving with window down, rolled it up a couple minutes prior to home, at which time the lights came on and also stayed on. I had to pull fuses 1 & 2 to get them off.What might the passenger power window have to do with the internal lights. (FYI, the power lock on the passenger door doesn"t work and also my door ajar irradiate is always on in instance they space all related)

shot using a slim lubricant prefer wd-40. Spray the latches top top the doors and also open and sloce them numerous times or so. Fords had actually a trouble with the switches in the latches and this usually takes care of it.

Headlights will certainly not work. If girlfriend pull lever towards girlfriend to switch to highbeams, the lights will certainly come on but you must organize the bar while driving. If you let it go, there are no headlights.Interior lights periodically stay on for 45 minutes after you quit the car. Sometimes, they"re off but you have the right to go the end in the center of the night and also they"re on. You can go out later and also they"re off again. Locks offered to immediately lock as quickly as you placed the car in gear. Now you deserve to drive a couple of miles and then you"ll hear the doors lock.
inspect or change the multifunction switch because that the headlight fault ! The lock"s are controlled by the GEM (generic elictric module) and also should be displaying a fault password !
as soon as I turn my wheel a to brush sound is comes from the front right. Simply wondering what it might be. Likewise the door ajar continues to be on and that causes interior lamp to continue to be on too. We have actually tried wd 40 and it functions for a day or therefore
Most most likely a poor wheel bearing or rusted brake system, go the noise go away when you revolve the various other way? your door has a worn the end latch system, either store spraying or have replaced.
mine 1998 Windstar has several electrical troubles at once. The Door Ajar light remains on. Internal lights continue to be on and drain the battery dead. Door locks cycle through the lock and unlock over and over. Cruise regulate not working. Heater operates just in defrost mode (no issue what setup I apply). Behind wiper inoperative.I can"t assist but think these are all connected somehow.Dealers it seems ~ to offer me uncomfortable and uncertain replies. I reallt don"t desire to spend money ~ above guesses. I"m hoping who has had actually these problems and also knows the answer(s).
I have actually had comparable problems however like you have actually shied far from going come the certified dealer for similar reasons.To stop draining the battery I have actually located the circuit breaker for the internal lights from the driver"s manual. If lights stay on then ns pull the breaker.I recognize this isn"t much help but it may be comforting to understand you"re not alone.
i had similar prblems with mt 99 expedtion. Ns sprayed lubrication oil in other words wd40 under all the door locks in the vechile. It eliminated the ajar problem, lights on and off and locks on and off. I acquired the guideline from one more forum choose this and it worked. Can"t aid you on the various other three.
mine door ajar light remains on however there room no doors open. We"ve opened and also closed them several times. The internal lights stay on as well. Is the something to carry out with among the doors electrical connection?
i have had actually the same issue with mine 1998 Windstar. The simple fix is come spray the door switch with wd-40. This gets rid of the humidity that have the right to make the move malfunction. It worked for me.
I"d inspect the contacts to the slide door. I think over there are 4 of them. Disconnect the battery, acquire some stole wool and also lightly scrub the contacts, both in the pillar and also the sliding door itself. Make sure the contacts room shiny. If girlfriend don"t disconnect the battery, you"ll end up v some shed out fuses and also perhaps some sparks. Next, make certain the door sensors room functioning. The door closure sensors are in the door latch. Remove the inner door skins, disconnect the sensors one through one and also see if this renders a distinction for the dome light.
mine 99 windstar has the door ajar irradiate on all the time as well, yet the internal lights don"t come on at all unless I carry out it manually. I"m walking to shot the steel wool come the sensers and also see if the helps.P.S. Ns did the stole wool/wire brush, and it obtained my lights working, however, currently they are on every the time. I"ll try the sensors tomorrow and also let friend know exactly how it worked. Thanks for the advice! i tried giving you points, but it wouldn"t let me, sorry

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The door sensors are located inside the door whereby the door records to the strike pin. (Not the hinge side).


When the plunger is depression in, the contacts execute not have actually continuity. When the plunger is out all the way, the contacts have continuity. Usually what happens v these switches is the the inside gets contaminated and also the plunger won"t come earlier out.Result: Faulty switch.Your dome light(s) probibly carry out not come on automatically because the Windstar has actually a time-out relay which transforms off all inner lights after 30 minutes to save your battery from discharging if one of the doors was left open up accidently for extended period of time ...such as overnight. One of your door switches is constantly reporting "Door Open" and will not permit the vehicle body manage (interior lights) mechanism to return to normal operation. The time-out relay has actually not reset as result of the continuous false "Door-Open" condition. The car thinks a door is continuous open, hence, the time-out relay will not reset.With all doors CLOSED, and also considering her sliding door contacts role properly through the stole wool scrubbing currently done, insert the ignition key and listen for the chime. If the chime is ringing, turn the ignition key "on" without beginning engine to view if "Door Ajar" light is illuminated in the dash.Open and also close the driver side door come get any type of hint of distinction in the chime sound. Reason: The driver next door functions on a modified electric circuit contrasted to the other doors. Explanation is past the limit of this text, so I"ll leave out the details.If you hear a difference in the chime sound, the driver side door is functioning correctly. The problem rests v either the passenger door, or the elevator gate.If over there is no distinction in the chime sound, the problem is most likely with the driver next door.Remove the door skin. Discover the two wires which affix to the door move (see picture), eliminate the connector, and also jump the 2 terminals in addition to a jumper wire. The purpose in act this is to bypass the switch. Once the electric circuit is complete, the auto body module thinks all doors space closed, and the DoorAjar light will go off.If this does not remedy the problem, test the move to make certain you have continuity when the plunger is the end all the way, and reconnect the switch. (Or simply keep the jumper wire connected). Then move to the following door, or background gate. You may need to experiment with all doors come finally discover the culprit.They are common to fail on countless Ford models. Lock are installed inside the door latch mechanism and twist in / twisted out. Periodically they are very hard to obtain to and also you"ll have to detach the latch device to pull it the end of the door for this reason you deserve to see what you"re doing, and get enough leverage vs do the efforts to work within the tight confines of the door.These switches are very problematic.... I indicate if you feeling the slightest resistance come the plunger movement, change the move anyway. It"ll be precious it because you have actually it external already.Good Luck.