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hey men ive gots a small situation, i need to recognize what size little it is to get the bolts loose on the calipers, i know its like a torques bit or something favor that, my cars, at the body shop and they damaged one of mine studs off so im going to adjust it the end myself cuz ns dont to trust them through it but i i do not know remember what size it is. Thanks


7mm allen. At least thats what that is on 00-04 standard models. Dunno if the SVT is different.Good happy finding one.
Remember this list: Bilstein; Penske; Koni; Ohlins; Sachs; Dynamic Suspension.Not on this list? practically certainly crap.
Would the be a 7mm allen torque little bit or a 7mm hex bit? I"m around to adjust the rotor/pads on mine 04 ZTS and also the collection up is different than the SVT"s. I just changed the rotors/pads ~ above the SVT 2 weeks ago.
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its hex for the non-svt then.Like I said before, great luck finding one. You will understand what I average the first time girlfriend try.

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Remember this list: Bilstein; Penske; Koni; Ohlins; Sachs; Dynamic Suspension.Not top top this list? nearly certainly crap.
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