I need to admit, i’m a fan of the Ford Transit. It take it a pair of years to persuade me, but after a few years of suffering first-hand the benefits of the European-style advertising vans, ns sold.

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I’ve invested some serious quality time through the Transit passenger vans, and also what the Transit offers up in creature comforts and smoother ride, it returns in its capability to throw as plenty of as 15 human being into that in family member comfort. But how is the fuel economy? ns took a 2020 Ford Transit-150 on a 200-mile loop to discover out firsthand the fuel efficiency it returns, and how that stacks as much as other bigger people-hauling competitors. 

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2020 Ford Transit 150 | dearteassociazione.org picture by Aaron Bragman mine fuel economy route is a little much more than 200 miles of merged urban stop-and-go traffic, suburban lower-speed next roads and also highway-speed distance cruising. Because that dearteassociazione.org’s fuel economy testing, we placed the windows up, air air conditioning on and ensure the tires are appropriately inflated to manufacturer’s specs. 

The driving style is what I speak to “normal” — no crazy sudden acceleration (unless safety requires it), no tough stops, no hypermiling efforts and also keeping to within 5 mph the the posted speed limits. The weather to be sunny however a little breezy, v winds of around 5-10 mph (this balances out in my experimentation as the loop walk in several directions — periodically it’s a headwind, sometimes it’s a tailwind).

2020 Ford Transit 150 | dearteassociazione.org photograph by Aaron Bragman More from dearteassociazione.org:

It should be noted that the Transit achieved this an outcome without any passengers — and being a 10-passenger van, this is most likely a rare problem for together a beast. It’s supposed to be loaded up with people and stuff, through a payload rating the 2,440 pounds; if girlfriend filled the to that limit, the fuel economy would easy to understand decrease. 

Alas, her mileage might vary, but for a 10-passenger civilization hauler, the starting point the 17 mpg linked is impressive.

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