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Paul"s mom is obsessed v money and also never seems to have actually enough. Money, or the absence thereof, is together a presence in the house that the house seems come whisper, "There should be more money!" Paul asks his mom why over there is never sufficient money, and she speak him it...

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Paul"s mom is obsessed v money and never appears to have enough. Money, or the absence thereof, is such a visibility in the house that the residence seems come whisper, "There must be more money!" Paul asks his mommy why there is never sufficient money, and also she speak him the is because his dad is unlucky. Paul believes that luck brings money, for this reason he starts riding his wood rocking-horse frantically, waiting for a emotion to pertained to him that will let him know which horse will win the upcoming race. He starts betting without his mother"s knowledge, and also his Uncle Oscar learn of his betting and becomes his partner. He wins race after race and also amasses $10,000. That anonymously sends out his mother half of his winnings, believing this will certainly make she happy and also quiet the whispering house. But things only worsen. The residence whispers enlarge and much more frantically than ever.

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Suddenly, he is there is no his happy vision. Two big races go by without him understanding who will certainly win, and also he is frantic v worry. Also his coldhearted mother starts to worry about him. The night before the derby, she find him desperately riding his wooden rocking-horse, and also he unexpectedly exclaims "Malabar" and also falls, unconscious, come the floor. Malabar does victory the derby, and also the boy wakes long sufficient to realize that he has amassed $80,000. However the boy never gets to enjoy any type of of his winnings, because he dies that night. The mommy realizes the folly of she avarice when she hears her brothers say, "But, negative devil, bad devil, he"s ideal gone the end of a life wherein he rides a rocking-horse to discover a winner." her brother"s voice condemns her for the press she has actually put on her young son because of she greed.