Given range of strings arr<>, the task is to uncover the biggest string in the range which is made up of the various other strings from the array after concatenating one after ~ another. If no together string exists then print -1.

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Examples:Input: arr<> = “geeks”, “for”, “geeksfor”, “”Output:“” is consisted of of (“geeks” + “for” + “geeks”).Even though “geeksfor” is also made up of various other stringsbut that is no the biggest string.Input: arr<> = “Hey”, “you”, “stop”, “right”, “there”Output : -1
Approach:Sort every the strings based on their lengths in decreasing order.Now, beginning from the longest string. Check for all feasible prefix that the string even if it is it is existing in the provided array and also for the remaining component of the string, recursively inspect whether it can be comprised from other strings from the array.Map have the right to be provided to inspect whether a string exist in the selection or not. The first string i beg your pardon satisfies the over conditions is the answer.If no such string exists then publish -1.Below is the implementation the the over approach:

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