Imagery is the use of descriptive language come create an image in the minds of the readers. Shakespeare uses numerous kinds of photos in his play. Below are 4 kinds of imagery we find typically in Romeo and also Juliet:

Metaphor: describing miscellaneous by comparing it to something rather without the usage of “like” or “as”

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e.g. “My love is a red, red rose” The speaker no in love through a flower, yet is compare the beauty of his love come a red rose.

Simile: describing something by compare it to something else making use of “like” or

“as” e.g. “My love is choose a red, red rose” The speaker is speak his love is together beautiful as a red rose

Personification: providing some inanimate (not living) object human abilities and qualities

e.g. “The trees got to their arms toward the sky”

Oxymoron: utilizing contrasting, contradictory principles to define something. Us saw plenty of examples that this as soon as we very first met Romeo in act 1.

Classical allusion: a referral to a person, place or occasion from myth. Shakespeare uses both Greek and also Roman superordinary references.

Romeo & Juliet: plot I, scene 4 Analysis

e.g. Recommendations to being hit through Cupid’s arrowhead in plot 1

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