The Onion Knight began as the freelancer project for the 4 youths in the initial Japanese release. The youths themselves weren’t very spectacular; they were personality-less, differentiated only due to their color swapped outfits. In the DS Remake, the youths have their own personalities and also character designs. Last Fantasy III still has actually theOnion article job, but it’s a task one would need to unlock fairly a ways right into the game.

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Yet, as a character, the Onion knight isn’t in the DS Remake. If it’s usual of a remake to readjust the main point game, that doesn’t quite explain how the Onion Knight arrived in civilization B. The Warrior the Light, for example, was originally a manikin. He source in people B, and simply travel to world A. This isn’t true because that the Onion Knight.


So then, wherein did theOnion knight come from? Abd many importantly, who is he?

Since the only continuous from last Fantasy III is the world, we have the right to presume that theOnion Knight is one of the 4 youths native the remake. I believe it would have to be among the youth, as just they have the right to be warriors of light.

Based on their physical characteristics, it would seem that only Ingus or Refia to be the legend Onion Knight. Ignus’ hairstyle is similar to the Onion Knight, while Refia’s hair color matches the latter. However, Refia is a girl, and Ignus just doesn’t seem come embody theOnion article trapped in civilization B. The course, Ingus’ Onion Knight’s outfit is similar to theOnion Knight’s…in the sense that they’re both attract red.


So then, not the strongest connection.

TheOnion Knight’s hair alters to silver, equivalent Luneth’s, if given another costume. Therefore then, this settles it right? Luneth is theOnion Knight. It would make sense: Luneth and the Onion Knight are flagship representatives of last Fantasy III. However simply gift representatives isn’t enough to define the differences.

When considering your personalities, we check out a marked difference. Luneth is brave and also willing come fight any kind of challenge; theOnion knight is a bit more calculated, preferring to fight only when he knows he’ll win. And also none that the other youths seem to have actually theOnion Knight’s personality either. Arc is timid, only fighting come prove himself. Refia is nurturing if anything. Ignus, if a knight, is an ext refined as well as well as much less impulsive.


Of course, there are two various other scenarios. First, maybe none are the Onion Knight. Dissidia is simply a homage come the classics, conversely, theOnion items is much more classic than Luneth or Refia. Speaking of which: Luneth, Ingus, Arc, and Refia develop the acronym LIAR, as in this boy shouldn’t exist.

But I’m gift facetious.

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A much more likely scenario is that the developers combined facets that all kids into theOnion Knight.