Creating safer communities by offering ex-offenders the possibility to change their lives through hopeful support, resources and community partnerships


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Four client Eligibility MUSTS:

1. Perform you have actually a felony conviction in the state of Minnesota? 

2. Is your county that conviction Stearns, Benton or Sherburne? 

3. Has it been 365 days or much less from the felony sentencing date, or relax from incarceration for the felony conviction?

4. Space you ~ above supervision?

When the release day comes and the an essential is turned and also you walk out those gates, a new life begins. However, closed and locked doors also await girlfriend on the outside when you have a criminal record: doors come jobs, housing and also more. You require a “key” to open those doors come a brand-new life.

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As a client you are eligible for referrals in locations such as:

Transitional HousingEmploymentEducationClothingSupport NetworksAnd more….

Know your most straightforward needs

Proper identification (State ID, birth Certificate, society Security)TransportationHousing/ShelterFood/ClothingEmployment

Take Action!

There are several steps you deserve to take while still incarcerated come prepare you yourself for a smoother transition:

Take benefit of educational, treatment, and also transitional programs you qualified forAttend any change fairs that space offeredCreate a resume for employmentApply because that a social defense card, (you require one to work!)Get your birth certificateResolve DWI issues and plan for transportation


My surname is Travis and also I to be made conscious of in 2009 as soon as I remained in the Stearns county Jail in Huber. This program has actually been a great support system for needing come talk and also understand whereby I’m comes from. Ns made call with when I was in jail and also when ns was done serving my time they were able to get me began immediately. They do me aware of neighborhood resources for rental places and also employment opportunities. Even though it’s been complicated to acquire employment they continue to encourage me to tap right into all the resources. This is a an excellent program because that myself and also others that have become hopeless and unaware around being may be to find residence and employment to end up being an heritage in the community. I hope that this program will continue helping others like myself to be contributing members in society. -Travis B.My name is Trevor and also I have gone to in St. Cloud for support and resources that i was in require of. I was homeless also though I had a full time job and also needed support and resources so i could come to be stable and an energetic contributing member of society. I was in a devastating situation and also refused to relocate my family into a ar where over there is alcohol and drug activity. I’m composing this to let others recognize that will aid as long as you space willing to assist yourself. aided me to uncover housing in a safe environment for me to relocate my family and myself into. Therefore as long as friend are significant about turning your life around and also helping yourself and family out then the is the right company for you. -Trevor L.

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The main MN Re-Entry task is a large help to me. The staff are very great people and easy to occupational with and they are knowledgeable around resources pertaining come housing and also employment. helped me with assorted connections and also resources which are really helpful. -Bryant G.