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Yes, you deserve to have a phone and also fax machine on the same line. Adding a fax device to a call line way there room some limitations to the abilities of the call line.

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There are alternatives to gaining a second line – such together an online fax company or a 2nd phone number through a distinctive ring.

Regular phone and fax an equipment on the same line

You deserve to have fax and also a phone on the exact same phone line. The greatest question v the 2 is even if it is the fax maker answers the heat manually or automatically.

If the fax maker is set to answer manually, girlfriend will have to be current at the maker and push “receive” at any time a fax arrives. If nobody answers the fax or the phone, the line will just keep ringing.

If the fax an equipment is collection to price automatically, the fax an equipment will price the speak to after a set number of rings. When world call her phone line, they will be greeted v a fax tone (high pitched squeal) if nobody picks up the phone prior to the set number of rings.

Voicemail and also a fax ~ above the very same line

You deserve to not have actually voicemail and also a fax an equipment that answers automatically on the very same line. You deserve to have voicemail and a fax an equipment set to answer manually (or because that outbound usage only).

If the fax machine is collection to answer manually, friend will need to be existing at the an equipment and push “receive” anytime a fax arrives. If nobody answers the fax, the line will go to voicemail (and some world attempting come fax might think the your number is not a fax number).

If the fax machine is set to answer automatically, it will certainly pick up prior to voicemail answers the call. Alternatively, if the fax is set to a greater number the rings 보다 the voicemail, the fax will never answer the call line.

Even if the contact is a voice contact (and not intended for the fax machine), the fax will have actually no means to move the call ago to voicemail when the line is answered. The fax maker will answer all incoming calls.

Answering an equipment and a fax on the very same line

An answering maker and fax an equipment can exist ~ above the same line v the usage of a “TAM” attribute on the fax.

The difference between an answering machine and voicemail is that an answering maker is present in a home or office, while the telephone agency hosts voicemail.

TAM can examine the just arrived call. If it is a fax, it will path it to the fax machine. If it is not a fax, the will route it to the comment machine.

In the situation of making use of a TAM, the answering maker would need to be located on the same phone jack as the fax. Occasionally both TAM and answering machine are easily accessible as a attribute on a fax machine. Various other times the TAM is part of the fax and also an answering maker can it is in attached come the “EXT” (extension) port. A TAM can additionally be purchase separately and also placed in prior of the fax.

TAM can’t work with voicemail, as it demands to an initial answer the line to check the kind of just arrived call. As soon as the heat is answered, the call can’t it is in handed earlier to voicemail (which is a service hosted by the phone call company).

Computer modem and a fax ~ above the exact same line

A computer modem and also fax machine can exist ~ above the exact same line, however only one of them can be set to immediately answer the line if it ring (usually the fax machine).

Both devices cannot usage the line at the exact same time. For example, If the fax maker is in the center of a transmission and the modem do the efforts to use the line, the fax transmission will fail.

Security system and also a fax on the exact same line

A protection system and also fax machine can exist on the very same line buy only one of them can be set to answer the heat if the rings immediately (usually the fax machine).

Just like with a computer modem, both devices can not use the line at the very same time. Some protection systems regularly contact a central location. In some situations, both the protection system and also the fax maker will effort over and also over to connect, and each time interrupts the other. This situation pipeline the heat unusable because that both devices.

Some protection systems have a regular call that is placed (as a type of “call home” come the defense company). If this is the situation with yours, keep in mind the time and also avoid faxing during this time.

Alternative #1 – usage an virtual fax service

An virtual fax company is a digital fax an equipment managed by a company provider. The is accessed by email, software, or a smartphone app.

An virtual fax company helps together there is no require to preserve an extra phone line or to share a phone line between devices. As well there is no fax machine, paper, or toner come manage, and also no phone heat to maintain. Most of lock work an extremely much choose a webmail email account, however for fax.

Alternative #2 – gain a 2nd phone number with distinctive ring assigned to your continuous line

Some phone call companies permit for 2 (or more) phone numbers assigned come the exact same phone line. Each number renders a different ring as soon as called. The feature is called distinctive ring.

A fax machine equipped v DRPD (distinctive ring sample detection) can distinguish in between the two varieties of rings and answer the phone line only once the fax number rings. This way when the continuous phone line rings, the call can go to voicemail if over there is no answer.

Distinctive ring number are fairly cost-effective contrasted with one extra call line. Mean to pay US$2-5 per month for the second phone number.

One point to be conscious of with a distinctive ring number is that outbound calls (including native a fax machine) will show up ~ above caller ID as coming native the major phone number.

Alternative #3 – obtain an extra line

Installing a specialized fax line is an alternative for civilization that have heavy use of both voice and fax and also want to save their equipment in your office.

With a fax line, there is an entire extra set of phone call infrastructure. Each line is used on its own, and if one an equipment is in use, the other an equipment is still fully available.

The fence to a fax line is the expense – intend to pay US$25-30 every month. Including wiring come a residence or office beginning in the thousands of dollars together well.

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Alternative #4 – discover a local store or online office to manage your faxes

Virtual offices, mailbox stores, and copy/print shops room all areas that deserve to send a fax. Periodically it is simpler to use a local business for the sometimes fax rather of installing an extra fax line.