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Genre: Shooter, First-Person Shooter Developer: Crytek Publisher: Ubi Soft ESRB Rating: Pending release Date: October 21, 2008

Once you uncover a comm tower and listen to Deep Voice, friend will acquire a assassination contract. Now, these would be simple if the weren"t for one thing. The main trouble is the your targets will mostly be within the cease-fire zone. Girlfriend must plan these strikes, or friend will acquire mowed down by both sides.Tips:1. Don"t go up high. This not just makes you a far better target, however you must go into a structure to go up, for this reason cutting off her escape rout. 2. Never ever strike from within a building. Same factor as before. If the target is in a building, snipe despite the window. 3. Usage your bolt holes. These space the tiny holes in the fences that deserve to be supplied as a fast escape and also a stealthy strategy in. 4. Use the bus station. After ~ the task is done, you will have more angry goons ~ you then STDs in this country. The bus terminal throws girlfriend on the other side of the map, do it impossible to it is in traced. Try to remain close come them when you take it the shot. 5. Be quiet. You are going to attract enough attention when you fire a gun. Use silenced weapons. Greatly the Dart Rifle. And don"t miss! 6. Don"t be a hero. Walk in, take the shot, acquire out. Do nothing else! 7. Collection up because that a great show. Observe her target, watch the area, use cars come block the ally ways to her target to protect against the goon squad. Don"t block her bolt holes. Climate cover your tracks by utilizing pre put IEDs to punch up the cars so no LMGs for the baddies. 8. RUN!

When you discover a golden ak go and also buy a major weapon crate then buy one ak after the go come the main weapon crate and put your gold ak in the then acquire a constant ak and switch it out till over there both golden then if you lose one there will certainly be one in ~ your main crate.

Another gold AK-47 is in the love of darkness(mission). After ~ you happen the for sure house, and also pastthe waterfall, you will view a tree tribe goingfrom the ground to a ledge end the stream. The AKis increase there in addition to a tiny medical kit.

When you space in the southern territory ofleboa-sako go to the mine top top bottom left of yourmap. As soon as you are there, monitor the road that isfurthest east but do not leave the area. If youfollowed the directions appropriately you should comeacross a little shack. The gold AK is inside ofit (in perfect problem too).

Go to main menu and go to added content then go to promotional content and kind 2Eprunef. Friend can additionally try: sa7eSUPR, SpujeN7x, tar3QuzU, THaCupR4, tr99pUkA, and zUmU6Rup.

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Go come the main menu and then additional content then walk to promotional contents then form in JeM8SpaW. You can also try: 2Eprunef, 2Tuw5esw, 6aPHuswe, 96CesuHu, and also Cr34ufrE.

Select "Additional Content" in ~ the main menu, then pick "Promotion Code". Enter6aPHuswe as a case-sensitive code.

Unlocks 4 extra missions. : 6aPHusweUnlocks 6 bonus goals : Cr34ufrEUnlocks 6 bonus missions : 2EprunefUnlocks 6 Bonus objectives : JeM8SpaWUnlocks 6 bonus missions : 2Tuw5eswUnlocks 6 extra missions. : tr99pUkA