Lois walks in with financial institution statements and tells anyone to gather for prayer. She opens up the statements, but declares they space still poor. She speak Peter they have to come up through a budget plan to save for Stewie's university fund.

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Cutaway come Peter shooting a runaway pizza because that dinner.

Lois is in kitchen working on the bills and also a spending plan when Peter walks in. She argues bundling cable and phone, however Peter has a better idea: metal detecting.

Cutaway come Awkward Stepdad Show.

Peter walk some steel detecting and also comes home with a bag of purple Heart medals.

The following day he goes metal detecting again and also finds an additional metal detector. The puts the new one against the old one and he blasts right into some sonic boom an are where the sees mayor West.

Peter is the end detecting again, this time at a beach, yet he's stealing instead. That adds his "finds" come his already overfilled junk car and also takes off. At residence he is eating a sandwich when Lois comes into the kitchen and asks if robbed world at the beach. She speak him they are going come the mall morning to return the detector.

Cutaway to usher concert.

At the mall, lock return the steel detector and are heading come the food court as soon as they run right into Joe one Bonnie who are waiting in a heat to audition because that a peanut butter commercial. Lois and also Peter decide to provide Stewie a chance. Stewie start making funny of Brian and peanut butter once the spreading directors see Stewie and also give that the job.

Lois has actually a viewing party for Stewie's commercial. Stewie'scommercial comes on and also everyone go crazy.

Cutaway to Queen of Burlesque Griffin.

Peter come in through the mail and also finds a royalty inspect from the peanut butter company. She says it's going right into Stewie's university fund.

Cutaway to well-off guys' socks.

The Griffin's walk to a an elaborate restaurant to celebrate. Brian questions Lois and Peter's intentions.Lois justifies the dinner and says Stewie got one more call because that a commercial. Brian and also Peter have an argument.

Cutaway to clear side up egg.

At the audition, Lois gets right into a pissing enhance with other moms. The casting director come out and asks Stewieto perform. He does the robot, yet hurts himself once he does the splits. That doesn't gain the part.

As they space driving home, Peter and Lois space angry. Stewietries to lighten the mood. Lois yells at him to shut up.

9-11 Museum cutaway.

Brian wakes as much as music and also finds Lois and Peter forcing Stewie to practice for another audition in the morning.

Peter created a concoction that contains cocaine to assist Stewie with energy. Stewie goes crazy after he drink it.

At the audition, Stewie can't continue to be awake therefore Peter gives him an additional shot of the juice. Stewie goes crazy again and also gets the part.

Lois makes a few more purchases after Stewie it s okay the orange juice son part. Brian again questions their motives. Lois says that Stewie is an actor now and also doesn't have to go to college.

Anne Hathaway cutaway.

Brian make the efforts to speak to Stewie around the problem he sees through Stewie gift a son actor, but Stewie won't have any kind of of it.

Business facility cutaway.

The following day, Brian again talks to Stewieabout the child-acting thing and shows him images of kid actors who self-destructed. Stewiedecides that doesn't desire any component of it and he and also Brian decision to carry out something about it.

Cutaway come Godzilla attacking Haiti.

At the shoot, Peter and also Lois are sitting beside each other, texting each other. Peter goes to offer Stewie one more shot of the juice, yet Stewie passes it turn off to a crew guy. When it's his turn for his line, the goes crazy and grabs the "mom's" boobs and tries come poop in the orange juice. The is automatically fired. Peter and Lois room shocked, however then realize the they've to be wrong.

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Back in ~ home, Lois and also Peter talk around how they are glad they determined they to be wrong. Peter speak Lois he lies to her constantly. Stewie tells Brian the mostly delighted in the dancing and cocaine.