Chick Cancer
Season 5, illustration 7
Airdate November 26, 2006
Written by Alec Sulkin &Wellesley Wild
directed by Pete Michels
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Family Guy — Season Five

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Chick Cancer is the seventh illustration of the 5th season of household Guy, and also the eighty-seventh episode overall.

The timeless male-dominated hiearchy of the male-female partnership take center stage in the show"s main plot, wherein Stewie reunites with kid actress Olivia Fuller and also eventually "ties the knot" v her. The subplot attributes Peter"s (ahem) "attempt" to make a "chick flick" ... Come the usual terrible results.


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Guest Stars: drew Barrymore (as Jillian)

Plot Overview

Stewie learns the Olivia Fuller, his old flame from acting school, is around to retire native the exhilaration business. The suits Stewie simply fine, and also when the learns that Olivia will be make an appearance in ~ the mall come christen the grand opening the a brand-new Brat Pack kids store, he goes intending to ridicule her. Instead, Stewie realizes he is tho in love with her and also tries come rekindle the relationship. However, Olivia does no share the same feelings because that Stewie as he walk her and lets him under easy.

Stewie goes to Brian because that advice in handling his feelings. Brian tries informing him that he need to forget Olivia and also move on, however when that fails, that then claims — probably being sarcastic and also not intending Stewie to take it him seriously — that women like men who treat them mean. Yet after castle witness a half-nude mrs fleeing Quagmire"s residence after she spurned his sexual advances (she changed after the two argued, come avoid creating a disturbance), Stewie takes the advice come heart. Stewie, donning a leather jacket and also a James Dean persona, does just that ... And also Olivia buys into it! after ~ a courtship, Stewie and Olivia space "married," the two move right into their own "home" (a cardboard box), and also all seems prefer happily-ever-after because that the couple, right?

Wrong. The relationship easily degenerates right into the classic male-dominated hiearchy, through Stewie and also Olivia bickering every the time. Things go native tense to poor when Stewie suggests with Olivia when, in ~ a party, she talks with an additional old acting girlfriend of hers, Victor (a well-dressed characature of one of two people Jay Leno or Alan Alda). It grow steadily worse once the two, who have actually accompanied Brian and Jillian on a date, begin arguing at a an elaborate restaurant, almost everywhere Stewie"s increasingly possessive behavior. Points finally come to a boil when Stewie return home and catches Olivia v Victor in the kitchen. After Stewie bring away Rupert and also walks out of the house, Olivia tries apologizing to Victor about what simply happened. Lock then smell smoke ... Stewie has collection fire come the cardboard box, and Olivia and also Victor room trapped inside! The step ends through Stewie walking away and also laughing, and also no indication that Olivia and Victor had actually escaped, causing the reasonable conclusion the both tots were burned to death.

In the epilogue, Stewie and Brian (apparently unaware of what really happened) relate the ethical of the failed connection — don"t grow up as well fast! back Stewie admits that he could have done everything he did through Olivia with one of his "buddies," which prompts Brian to define what the is prefer to be a homosexual. "Oh yeah, I could really obtain into that," Stewie muses together the step ends.


Peter grudgingly goes in addition to Lois come a showing of "Autumn"s Piano" at the movie theater. Instead of being annoyed, Peter somehow becomes deeply moved by the plot the the movie. So much so that he wants to recapture the experience and feeling ... By make a "chick flick" that his own. Recruting his friends, Peter creates a movie called "Steel Vaginas," a non-descript film around a self-centered man (Peter, who also serves as the narrator) who hates women till his wife gives birth come a daughter, Vageena Hertz (played by Lois). Vageena"s life is played out, the climax coming once she virtually drowns, is rushed to the hospital, and dies of an epidemic to her reproductive system. The finished product is poorly produced, and also that added to the offensive storyline, equates to flat refusal by his friends and family.

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The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Woody Allen movie - Several references are made to the works of Woody Allen throughout this episode: Manhattan - The people-watching step segues into Stewie and also Olivia watching the bridge at sunset, taken indigenous the 1979 movie starring Allen and also Mariel Hemingway. Chester Cheeta - The mascot the Cheetos is viewed snorting a problem (said to it is in "cheese powder") prior to saying his signature currently in a cutaway gag. Flintstones Chewable Vitamins — Olivia remarks that she starred in a commerical for the children"s vitamin line, and also even provides the product"s advertising pitchline: "Ten million strong ... And growing!" Gap Kids — The Bratty Wrap youngsters store is patterened much like space Kids and other stores offering children"s versions of adult fashions. Good will Hunting - Brian"s attempts to sway Stewie the he is no at fault for the failed partnership with Olivia mirrors the of the 1997 movie starring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and also Robin Williams Juicy Juice - "Tasty Juice" is play on the Nestle brand of fruit juices marketed come children. The commerical special Olivia together the spokesperson functions a comment make a case that its consumers have to generally use the restroom after drinking Tasty Juice. JonBenet Ramsey — among names Stewie supplies to insult Olivia is "JonBenet," alluding come Olivia"s pagaentry background, the exact same as the 6-year-old boy beauty queen that was eliminated in 1996 (just like Olivia supposedly was in the climatic scene). Snow White and also the 7 Dwarfs — Autumn"s girlfriend in the movie "Autumn"s Piano" — Sassy, Pouty and also Suicidal — are parodies the the dwarfs from the children"s tale and iconic 1937 Disney movie. Steel Magnolias - The location of Peter"s effort at make a "chick flick" (Steel Vaginas) is a pun the the 1987 off-Broadway play and also 1989 movie certification Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine and Dolly Parton. Time-Life Music - "The mayor of Comedy" pitches a series of compact discs called "Sitcom Punchlines that the "80s" and also "Sounds of the "80s: Studio Audience" (cliches and canned studio responses compiled on a collection of albums), complete with a "celebrity endorsement" through Howard Hesseman. The advertisement is a parody that Time-Life commericals for various well-known music compilation albums (one the which was "Sounds the the Eighties").

Memorable Moments