This is a swampland area that was once Maryland"s suggest Lookout State Park prior to the good War. The takes one month in-game time to take trip from the resources Wasteland to suggest Lookout.

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• view the locations of all marked places top top the map.

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• any kind of location deserve to be selected straight on the map (its icon will be highlighted by a red border) and also in the details box above the map will be open a description.

Point Lookout Locations

Ark & Dove resting Grounds
Beachview CampsiteBlackhall ManorCalvert MansionChinese knowledge BunkerCoastal GrottoDisaster Relief OutpostDove DeltaFlooded SinkholeGrower"s ShackHaley"s HardwareHerzog MineHouse the WaresJet Crash SiteKenny"s CaveLil" Tyke PlayhouseMarguerite"s ShackOfie Clan PlotPilgrim"s LandingPoint Lookout LighthousePoint Lookout PierRitual SiteRuzka"s LairSacred Bog EntranceSmuggler"s ShackSub Recovery website (SSN-37-1A)The Ark & Dove CathedralThe house MotelTrapper"s ShackTrash HeapTruck WreckageTurtledove Detention CampUSS OzymandiasWrecked Seatub (Sea Cave)

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Ark & Dove relaxing Grounds

Ark & Dove resting Grounds is a tiny graveyard inhabited by a fill of feral ghouls. It is attached by a huge bent metal fence. Inside the graveyard there room several broken gravestones.

Enemies: Feral ghouls, Swamp ghouls, Feral ghoul roamers, glow one, Feral ghoul reavers, Smugglers.

Beachview Campsite

Beachview Campsite is an exit camp. Number of swampfolk can be spotted nearby or approximately the campsite itself, sometimes they even dancing.

Enemies: Swampfolk.

Blackhall Manor

Blackhall Manor was a home of the Blackhall"s household long before the good War. Follow to Obadiah Blackhall, "Hundreds that years, and still stand strong. You"re in ~ a fine example of victor architecture, mine friend."

The mansion opens up right into a key room v a kitchen ~ above the left and a library ~ above the right. In the library is a staircase the ascends to the 2nd floor. After entering the library, top top the left is a hallway that leads come a basement where Obadiah performs routine acts. The door come the basement go not show up unless you provide the Krivbeknih come Obadiah, and remains invisible ~ above the map.

Inhabitant: Obadiah Blackhall.

Related quest: The Dark love of Blackhall (Find Obadiah Blackhall"s book, the Krivbeknih, which was stolen from the by part swampfolk).

Calvert Mansion

The Calvert Mansion is a huge Victorian mansion. The mansion bear the name Calvert indigenous its previous inhabitants, the powerful Calvert family. The Calverts to be a significant force in pre-war Maryland, spawning a political empire which saw family members elected to miscellaneous offices in ~ both the state and also national levels.

Under Calvert Mansion is the panic Room that was designed to it is in a shelter in the situation of one attack. It have the right to only be accessed after the search Thought Control.

Inhabitants: a ghoul named Desmond Lockheart and also his two dogs, Freki and Geri.

Related quests:

The regional Flavor (Help the mansion"s owner repel the invaders).Hearing Voices (Learn much more about the Brain).Thought manage (Install the Cogwave Jammer top top the Ferris Wheel or damage it, then go back to the mansion).

Notable loot: Nuka-Cola Quantum in the scare Room.

Chinese knowledge Bunker

The Chinese intelligence bunker is a an enig pre-War Chinese bunker under the ornate hothouse beside Calvert Mansion. It calls for a distinct code and the cryptochromatic glasses to obtain in v the secret door.

Related quest: The Velvet Curtain (Enter the Chinese bunker).

Tools: Workbench.

Notable loot: Backwater rifle (a distinct lever-action rifle), seven Chinese assault rifles, Mini nuke, Stealth Boy, Bottlecap mine.

Coastal Grotto

Coastal Grotto is a small cave where a ghoul called Plik lives and also holds a "safari" that sorts v ghouls as the hunt.

Inhabitants: Plik, Rip Smithy, Jacob Humboldt.

Enemies: Feral ghouls, Swamplurks (outside).

Related quest: Plik"s Safari (Survive the safari).

Notable loot: The Dismemberer (a unique axe), Mini nuke.

Disaster Relief Outpost

The catastrophe Relief outpost was apparently collection up throughout the brand-new Plague before the good War by regional disaster relief workers. It consist of 4 tents.

Inhabitant: Marcella.

Related quest: The Dark love of Blackhall (Take the Krivbeknih come the catastrophe Relief station to return it come Marcella).

Notable loot: Stealth Boy, Pre-War book, Marcella"s critical words (a holodisk uncovered in Marcella"s tent throughout the food of The Dark love of Blackhall).

Dove Delta

The Dove Delta is a series of little sand archipelago in the southwest the the allude Lookout.

Enemies: Swampfolk.

Notable loot: because that Ozwaldo (a holotape).

Flooded Sinkhole

The flooded Sinkhole is a lake the separates the Trapper"s Shack from the Grower"s Shack. When you swim down to the bottom, several miscellaneous items float to the top.

Notable loot: 2 Nuka-Cola Quantums, Stealth young in among the 3 safes in ~ the bottom that the lake.

Grower"s Shack

Grower"s Shack consists of a tiny Swampfolk farming operation that does service with Tobar the Ferryman.

Enemies: Swampfolk.

Plants: Wild punga fruits.

Notable loot: Mini nuke, box 1213 - Bern"s voice (a holodisk which grants you access to a safe deposit box in the People"s bank of allude Lookout).

Haley"s Hardware

Haley"s Hardware is a little wooden shack through a heap of rubble beside it. Haley, the vendor who at this time lives and works here, woke up through a instance of amnesia not knowing who or whereby he was, but because people retained coming come buy things he decided to come to be a merchant, acquisition the shop"s name and calling self "Haley".

Inhabitant: Haley (merchant).

Tools: Workbench.

Herzog Mine

The Herzog Mine is a set of tunnels winding right into the cliffside. It was called after an old man named Herzog, the owner of the mining website who put the miners through negative working conditions. Miscellaneous branches that the mine have actually collapsed, as result of explosives collection off prior to the good War.

Other exit: Kenny"s Cave.

House the Wares

House that Wares is a tiny shop owned by mam Panada. The is an open booth in the middle of the boardwalk. The shop supplies a range of badly repaired items, as Panada herself is just trading to do a living. Her actual calling (so she believes) is divination.

Inhabitants: Madama Panada (merchant), Protectron.

Jet Crash Site

The Jet Crash website is the site of a fighter jet"s wreckage. Top top October 23, 2077, the day that the bombs fell, a U.S. Marine jet plane crashed in suggest Lookout, ejecting that pilot who acquired stuck in a tree part distance native the crash site.

Enemies: Feral ghouls.

Kenny"s Cave

Kenny"s cavern is house to a lonely child in search of a girlfriend to play with. Kenny may be grudgingly urged to enable the Lone Wanderer to share his hideout. To be welcomed in, Kenny needs a speech check, using boy at Heart, or the retrieval of Kenny"s bear that can be discovered in the nearby swamplurk infested "Blackdamp Shaft".

Other exit: Herzog Mine (To with Kenny"s cave the first time, one could go v Herzog Mine as it leads to Miner"s Rest, wherein Kenny resides).

Inhabitant: Kenny.

Enemies: Swamplurks.

Notable loot: Pint-Sized Slasher mask.

Lil" Tyke Playhouse

The Lil" Tyke Playhouse is a little run down shack v boards keeping it together, through a rocket and a slide beside it.

Enemies: Swampfolk.

Notable loot: Red Racer jumpsuit.

Marguerite"s Shack

Marguerite"s Shack is house to Marguerite, a friendly regional who lived there prefer the remainder of her family, make moonshine. The shack is a rectangular structure with some swampfolk follow me the perimeter. The yard is decorated through straw dolls and also bone totems.

Inhabitant: Marguerite.

Enemies: Swampfolk, Smugglers.

Related quest: A Spoonful the Whiskey (Marguerite will make her famed moonshine if you lug her the ingredients).

Ofie Clan Plot

Ofie Clan Plot is a plot of land the was supplied for burials through the Ofie family. It is a tiny graveyard on height of a hill v a short wooden fence around.

Enemies: Feral ghouls.

Plants: Wild punga fruits.

Pilgrim"s Landing

Pilgrim"s Landing is a small tourist attraction in allude Lookout. An inactive Ferris wheel called "The Wheel the Wonder" stays here.

Buildings: The house Motel, navy Recruitment Center, People"s bank of suggest Lookout, Warehouse.

Related quest: Thought regulate (Install the Cogwave Jammer on the Ferris Wheel or ruin it).

Naval Recruitment Center. Together a recruitment center, the was collection up to recruitment the citizens and also tourists of suggest Lookout into the U.S. Navy. It additionally served as a far Defense Intelligence agency base in suggest Lookout, and most likely this have actually been its main mission.

Related quest: The Velvet Curtain (Access the file "Field Report - Yang Capture/Transfer" in ~ the naval recruiting center).

Notable loot: Mini nuke (in the second room).

People"s bank of suggest Lookout. Prior to the good War, the financial institution was a subsidiary the Isla Negra Holdings, and recently had a new voice operated for sure unlock mechanism put in place. This go nothing, however, to protect against the bank from being robbed.

Related quest: The Velvet Curtain (Activate the bank"s security device with the password and also listen come the espionage debriefing).

Notable loot: 3 safe deposit boxes, Police hat.

Warehouse. That is a deserted building full of baby carriages, four of which are rigged.

Notable loot: Mini nuke, 14 missiles.

Point Lookout Lighthouse

The suggest Lookout Lighthouse is an exit cylindrical structure containing the key lighthouse facility and also a secret basement. The interior of the lighthouse has a long spiral staircase leading approximately a height platform area.

Section: secret Lab.

Enemies: Smugglers.

Unmarked quest: deal with the signal on top of point Lookout Lighthouse.

Underground Lab

The St. Aubin clinical facility (or underground Lab) is uncovered beneath the allude Lookout Lighthouse. Prior to the an excellent War, this facility was used for research study into boosting the procedure of extracting and also isolating human being brains, pioneered by basic Atomics for your robobrain robots. That is here takes place the final confrontation between Professor Calvert and also Desmond Lockheart.

Inhabitant: Professor Calvert.

Enemies: Robobrains, automatically turrets, Protectrons.

Related quest: A conference of the psychic (It is time because that the last choice: death Professor Calvert or death Desmond Lockheart).

Tools: Workbench.

Notable loot: Microwave emitter, 2 Gatling lasers, 9 AER9 laser rifles, 14 AEP7 laser pistols, 71 Mesmetron power cells, 3 pre-War books.

Point Lookout Pier

The point Lookout Pier is consists of a dock resulting in a ferry own by Tobar, the Duchess Gambit. The ferry is the only method to the funding Wasteland from point Lookout.

Inhabitant: Tobar the Ferryman or Nadine (after perfect A meeting of the Minds).

Notable loot: A mini nuke in ~ the closestly buoy to the ferry.

Ritual Site

The ritual Site is a subterranean complex used for worship by the swampfolk. The local swampfolk sacrifice unwary travelers and keep a vessel full of blood bordering the Krivbeknih, a very dark and mysterious tome.

The entry come the cavern is blocked by wooden planks till the search The Dark heart of Blackhall has been obtained.

Enemies: Swampfolk.

Related quest: The Dark heart of Blackhall (Locate the ritual Site and search the burned-out basement catacombs because that the Krivbeknih).

Notable loot: The Krivbeknih, ritual knife (a distinctive knife), Stealth Boy, Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Ruzka"s Lair

Ruzka"s Lair is a rocky alcove through an overhang at the really northwestern point of the map. The is lived in by Ruzka, a unique yao guai. A huge red rubber sphere from Ruzka"s circus work is against the wall surface in the lair.

Inhabitant: Ruzka.

Sacred Bog Entrance

The sacred Bog is reached via the sacred Bog enntrance gate on the westernmost side of the map. The is a winding route through the swamp, inhabited by various swamp creatures.

Enemies: Swamplurks, Mirelurk hunters, Swamplurk queens.

Related quest: Walking through Spirits (Collect seeds from the mother Punga plant).

Plants: Wild punga fruits.

Note: The spiritual Bog has actually its own world Map.


Sub Recovery website (SSN-37-1A)

Covert Submarine SSN-37-1A (Sub restore Site) is a Chinese spy submarine sent to patrol enemy waters surrounding suggest Lookout. That sank before the nuclear step of the great War. The submarine, because that its outside size, is incredibly compact inside. Over there are only two bunks in SSN-37-1A, suggesting a small crew. There to be one surviving Chinese submariner extract from SSN-37-1A: man Doe. That was transferred to Turtledove Detention Camp ~ his capture.

Related quest: The Velvet Curtain (Locate the SSN-37-1A and accessibility the submarine"s work terminal come activate the self-destruct protocol).

Notable loot: Stealth boy (on the operations terminal).

The Ark & Dove Cathedral

The Ark & Dove cathedral is a tiny settlement occupied by point Lookout tribals. The cathedral is called after the first two settler pearls to do landfall on suggest Lookout in early american times.

It is an old church v a brick wall surrounding it with a gate at the entrance. Outside, there are countless refined punga fruit and wild punga fruit. Inside, there room special reproduction pots to prosper refined punga fruit.

Inhabitants: Woodrose (Tribe matriarch), Jackson (Cult leader), Jimson (Doorman), Nadine (until friend ask "Who cut open mine head?"), Croatoa, and also other tribals tending punga plants or walking around.

Related quests:

Walking with Spirits (Infiltrate the Ark & Dove cathedral to find the thinking behind tribal"s attacks on the Calvert Mansion).Hearing Voices (Speak with Nadine in the Ark & Dove cathedral and get the crucial to unlock Jackson"s spiritual praying grounds).Tailing the Tomboy (Catherine asks you come look for she daughter Nadine).

Notable loot: Fertilizer shovel (can be acquired from Croatoa).

The homestead Motel

The homestead Motel is inhabited by vicious dogs and consists of 3 motel rooms and also an office.

Homestead Motel Office. The tricks to the other rooms have the right to be found here.

Room 1D. This room is the safehouse of Dr. Jiang and contains Dr. Jiang"s safehouse terminal with a message. Upon reading it, the The Velvet Curtain quest will begin. ~ above the bed is a skeleton, which is presume to be Dr. Jiang.

Room 1G. It appears that the dead bodies in the room space the continues to be of two financial institution robbers the robbed the People"s financial institution of point Lookout. Their skeleton"s the contrary positions, the sawed-off shotguns in their hands, and also the visibility of a large amount of pre-War money says that the two robbers got into a problem over the money and also killed every other.

Room 1K. A place of routine sacrifice. The mask in the bathroom"s tub implies this was a website rented through the Pint-Sized Slasher.

Enemies: Vicious dogs.

Related quest: The Velvet Curtain (Investigate the dead spy and terminal in homestead Motel room 1D).

Notable loot: Stealth Boy, the locker vital belonging to Dr. Jiang, Cryptochromatic spectacles in the toilet tank in the toilet (Room 1D); 24 total pre-War money (Room 1G); Pint-Sized Slasher mask (Room 1K).

Trapper"s Shack

The Trapper"s Shack is a shack with an unusual basement. There are two linked cages in the shack"s basement, through a swamplurk in one and also a swamp ghoul in the other. They are hostile towards one another. An electric switch permits you to open up a door in between the cages to unleash the swamplurk ~ above the ghoul.

Enemies: Swampfolk, Swamp ghouls, Swamplurks.

Tools: Workbench.

Notable loot: a miniature bottle of Nuka-Cola Quantum, a Stealth boy on a table in the bedroom.

Trash Heap

The trash Heap is an out area consist of of cars, barrels, wood boards, and other discarded item piled on top of one another and overgrown through wild grass. The heap radiates as much as 9 rads/second.

Enemies: Swampfolk.

Notable loot: Mini nuke in an open safe on optimal of heap.

Truck Wreckage

The van Wreckage is the ar of a wrecked cargo truck that overturned ~ above a hillside road. The van was transferring a shipment of instead of light-bulbs come the lighthouse when it overturned. Only one bulb have the right to be discovered now.

Enemies: Swamp ghouls.

Unmarked quest: settle the signal on height of suggest Lookout Lighthouse.

Notable loot: Lighthouse bulb.

Turtledove Detention Camp

Turtledove Detention Camp (or Camp Turtledove) is a army prison camp. Throughout the Sino-American War, this camp was offered to detain suspected Chinese spies or saboteurs who were allegedly working versus the USA. Prisoners were preserved in abysmal conditions.

Camp Turtledove additionally was supplied as a toxic dumping site, as shown by the mound of garbage barrels and detritus near the camp"s western perimeter. This toxic waste has actually permeated the swampy ground, and also has brought about the sludge in and also around the camp come be very toxic - much of the camp is radioactive.

Buildings: four huts (Bunkhouse A, Bunkhouse B, Interrogation Room A, Interrogation Room B), a concrete management building and also an underground morgue. Inside the morgue over there is a garbage tunnel the leads come the external (Septic Tunnel Access). The camp is fenced and several guard towers are located at the corners that the fence, as well as at the entrance.

Enemies: Feral ghouls, Swamp ghouls, Smugglers, Sentry bots, automatically turrets.

Related quest: The Velvet Curtain (Search certified dealer Yang"s corpse in ~ the Turtledove Detention Camp morgue and also take the submarine self-destruct codes).

Note: The morgue includes the corpses of Wan Yang (TD-0181), Ashley Cheng (TD-0831) and Mei Shen (TD-0204).

Notable loot: Mini nuke on the shelf in the armory (Administration); Stealth boy in the locker (Bunkhouse A).

USS Ozymandias

The USS Ozymandias is a small ship beached on some rocks simply off the coastline of allude Lookout. It was a delivery under the board of directors of Bysshe power Partners, a subsidiary the The Bysshe Company. Bysshe was using the Ozymandias come scout the point Lookout area for viable indicators of bio-gas, a potent power source. The bio-gas was, in reality, created from methane emissions from decayed corpses.

Related quest: An antique Land (Collect three soil samples from various locations throughout Point Lookout to unlock a for sure inside the ship):

Soil sample #1 is within an excavated muck hole north of the rubbish Heap.Soil sample #2 is inside an excavated muck hole northeast of Lil" Tyke Playhouse.Soil sample #3 is within an excavated muck feet northwest of the Jet Crash Site.

Notable loot: The exploration supplies (ten bio-gas canisters, 3 radiation suits, etc.).

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Wrecked Seatub (Sea Cave)

The Sea cave is a location available through the Wrecked Seatub or the well exterior the Ark & Dove cathedral. Tribal leader Jackson offers the cavern to interact with a hologram of Professor Calvert.