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The mechanically Hound is an superior piece of modern technology used by the fireman school to track down political dissidents and also incapacitate them. In component One, Montag come at work and also walks previous the menacing Hound, which is silently resting. Bradbury defines the mechanically Hound through writing,

The mechanical Hound slept...

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The mechanically Hound is an exceptional piece of technology used by the fireman school to track under political dissidents and also incapacitate them. In part One, Montag arrives at work and also walks previous the menacing Hound, which is silently resting. Bradbury describes the mechanically Hound by writing,

The mechanically Hound slept however did not sleep, lived yet did no live in its gently humming, tenderness vibrating, softly illuminated kennel ago in a dark edge of the firehouse ... Light flickered ~ above bits the ruby glass and also on sensitive capillary hair in the nylon-brushed nostrils of the creature that quivered gently, gently, gently, that eight foot spidered under that on rubber-padded paws. (22)

Montag is fascinated through the creature yet is conquer with an unsettling feeling as soon as he looks in ~ the Hound in the edge of the firehouse. Bradbury climate elaborates on how the firemen pass their time ~ above boring nights in the firehouse through writing,

Nights as soon as things acquired dull, which to be every night, the guys slid under the brass poles, and set the ticking combinations of the olfactory mechanism of the Hound and let loosened rats in the firehouse area-way, and also sometimes chickens, and also sometimes cats that would need to be drown anyway, and there would certainly be betting to watch which the Hound would seize first. (22)

Shortly after the firemen let animals loose, the Hound quickly pounces top top the nearest prey and also injects the defenseless pet with morphine or procaine indigenous the large, spicy needle protruding indigenous its nose. Lately, Montag has actually not been participating in the gamings with the various other firemen. After staring in ~ the relaxing Hound, Montag climbs to the upper level the the firehouse and also tells Captain Beatty the the mechanically Hound go not favor him. Beatty responds by informing Montag,

It doesn"t prefer or dislike. It just "functions." It"s like a lesson in ballistics. It has actually a trajectory we decide because that it. It follows through. That targets itself, dwellings itself, and also cuts off. It"s just copper wire, warehouse batteries, and also electricity. (23)

As the novel progresses, Montag witnesses a woman commit suicide during a program call and begins come wonder what is inside books that is therefore powerful. Montag thinks about the steal novels he has hidden inside his ventilator and acknowledges the he is trapped in an dissatisfied marriage. ~ Mildred notifies him the Clarisse is dead, Montag looks out the window and can sense the visibility of the mechanical Hound. Bradbury writes,

Outside the house, a shadow moved, an fall wind climbed up and faded away but there to be something rather in the silence the he heard. It was choose a breath exhaled upon the window. The was choose a faint drift of greenish luminescent smoke, the activity of a solitary huge October leaf blowing across the lawn and also away. The Hound, that thought. It"s the end there tonight. (45)

Eventually, Montag is accused of being an intellectual, and also the mechanical Hound is offered to track him down. Montag manages to kill the mechanically Hound and flees the dystopian city.