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in XBoX Games and Apps to deal with the problem; can some one call me if it"s possible to delete a character"s slot in the game Fable 2 play on Xbox one. Friend only obtain 6 slots and I need to delete...Discussion in "XBoX Games and also Apps" started by Inkmom1985, Nov 27, 2015.

I understand this is a very old article but I've figured it the end for anybody else who has actually an issue. If you push Start and Menu buttons in ~ the very same time if in the backward compatible video game it brings up the old dashboard. Go under to control storage and also then game saves, select the game and then you have the right to delete the conserve profile you wish.

ns am having actually the exact same issue. I'm certain I could completely clear conserve data but I don't want to lose all my progression for other characters.

i am no talking around copying files. Ns was simply wondering if dark souls 2 supplies 1 save document in the hard drive because that all personalities or multiple save papers for every character. Like if girlfriend look at skyrim in the hard drive it mirrors the surname of each character and also their individual conserve files. Since if it offers a document for each character like numerous other gamings then 1 that my personalities would it is in deleted.

try deleting the partial record first. If you don't find it under the Fable 2 folder, simply under the main games folder for an "Unknown File". Then clear device cache, restart the console, and download again native Download History.
there is no posting spoilers, the just thing that alters in Fable 3 as soon as a character is auto imported (you don't get a choice so to speak) regardless of what her hero did in Fable 2, is that a minority of the personalities in Fable 3 will refer to the Hero you played in Fable 2 as King or Queen, that's it. everything else is a fresh slate, only the sex of the Hero in Fable 2 is imported, absolutely nothing (as far as i am aware) is imported.
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