The occasions surrounding Homer"s epic poem "The Iliad" room as complicated as the story plot and the personalities themselves. This tragic, yet inspirational, Greek city details the struggles and also conflicts in between human characters and the god (and amongst the gods themselves). Both mortals and immortals react out of selfishness and also pride, and during the journey learn to forgive. Events surrounding the city provide critical information that allows readers to know just how tumultuous love and revenge have the right to be.

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Paris and Helen

The back story come "The Iliad" provides critical information regarding why the city centers on the Trojan War. Follow to Greek mythology, Zeus obtained a golden apple addressed to "the fairest" and was compelled to choose a goddess together the recipient. He didn"t want to face the wrath that the women that were not chosen, therefore he asked his child Paris to decide. Athena, Hera and also Aphrodite each tried to convince Paris to pick them. After ~ a number of contests, that eventually made decision Aphrodite due to the fact that she promised him the love that the beautiful demigod Helen. Paris didn"t realize that Aphrodite had ulterior motives. As a an outcome of Paris" decision, Athena and Hera devised the destruction of trojan to get back at Aphrodite.

The Trojan War

According to background and mythology, troy was a prosperous city in what is currently Turkey that was in constant competition through Greece. Both economic climates were dependent on sea trade, therefore rivalry between the nations was unavoidable. Somewhere in between 1450 and 1250 B.C., war broke out between the Greeks and Trojans, according to David Jordan, Professor Emeritus of anthropology at the university of California at san Diego. Through the battle that would bring around the destruction of Troy, instigated by the result of Paris and also Helen"s back story, the Greek god were required to take it sides.

Conflicts amongst the Gods

Major occasions surrounding the plot that "The Iliad" were likewise influenced by conflict in the heavens and also disagreements amongst the Greek gods. Transparent Greek mythology, castle often battled for supremacy and had concealed agendas. For example, the goddess Hera despised the Trojans since they lower from her husband"s illegitimate son. Helen"s person father Tyndareus was forced to safeguard his half-god, half-human daughter, discovering that the god played favorites. Tension in between the gods an outcome in emotionally decisions in ~ the epic city that affect particular battles and also the ultimate outcome that the war.

Achilles" an individual Struggle

Achilles, the key protagonist that "The Iliad," is half-human and also half-god, so he has the strength and combat ability of a god but must function on earth as a man. His underlying battle is the basis for the poem. Achilles desires Zeus to punishment Agamemnon for taking his war-purchased lover, Briseis. The asks his mommy to persuade Zeus to side v the Trojans against the Greeks the end of revenge. "The Iliad" is about Achilles" physical and also emotional trip to address his jealousy, subdue his pride and face his opposition. Eventually, the makes peace with himself and also returns come fight because that the Greeks.

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