Trouble CodeFault LocationProbable Cause
P0452 Evaporative emission (EVAP) push sensor -low input Wiring quick to earth, EVAP press sensor, ECM

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What Does code P0452 Mean?

The OBDII system on 1996 and also newer vehicles is equipped with an evaporative emissions monitor that performs diagnostic self-checks to detect fuel vapor leaks. If a leak is detected, climate a code is set in the engine regulate module and also the inspect engine irradiate is illuminated. The component that reads the fuel vapor press is the evaporative emission manage system pressure sensor, additionally referred to together the fuel tank press sensor.

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The evaporative emission (EVAP) manage system press sensor is supplied for onboard diagnosis that the EVAP device itself to check for leaks and also does no initiate or control alters to the EVAP purge or vent valve operations. It detects and measures press in the purge heat of the EVAP system. The press sensor’s output voltage increases as the pressure in the purge heat increases, and also the sensor voltage calculation is monitored by the engine manage module (ECM).


The EVAP system pressure sensor (courtesy: is located at the EVAP canister. It deserve to be an installed directly top top the canister or it might be connected to the EVAP canister by a ar of hose.


EVAP manage system pressure sensor (courtesy

The EVAP control system press sensor converts push to a voltage reading. The sensor voltage is then interacted to the ECM via a signal wire connected to the sensor. There are three wires because that the EVAP pressure sensor: a ground, a 5v referral signal, and the sensor signal wire.

The EVAP pressure sensor is just monitored under certain conditions which have the right to make the tricky come diagnose. Voltage is monitored through the ECM only as soon as the auto speed sensor has recorded a expedition of one minute in ~ a minimum rate of 10 miles per hour. The ECM just monitors the EVAP control system press sensor when the fuel tank level is in between 25 and also 75 percent.

The password P0452 is set when the ECM reads a low voltage signal native the EVAP control system push sensor.

Note: Circuit low Input codes are frequently the result of short battery voltages (that can have many possible causes), negative connections across electrical connectors or previously repaired wiring, and corrosion in electrical connectors. Other possible causes of short input voltages include negative installation the aftermarket components, bad quality aftermarket contents like fuses, relays, and switches, and alteration of the electric system that might include the use of conductors that room not rated for use in a specific application. However, negative connections often an outcome in high resistances in some parts of the circuit, i m sorry is why the is important to perform resistance and continuity checks during the diagnostic procedure.

What space the common causes of code P0452 ?

In short, the following are common reasons of the code P0452:

Faulty EVAP regulate system push sensorOpen in the EVAP push sensor signal wireShort come voltage in the EVAP press sensor signal wireBad ground at the EVAP push sensorWater or corrosion in the EVAP pressure sensor connectorUnusually high push in the fuel tank as result of a clogged EVAP hose

What space the symptom of password P0452 ?

Typically, there aren’t any type of operational symptoms connected with password P0452 as well as the illuminated engine light. The is feasible that there can be a fuel odor present in part instances.

How execute you troubleshoot code P0452 ?

Perform a intuitive inspection that the wiring and the EVAP control system pressure sensor.

The password P0452 is often be associated with damaged or corroded wiring or a failed or unplugged sensor.



Locate the EVAP canister under her vehicle. It might be attached come the fuel tank or it might be different from the fuel tank with hoses running to the fuel pump in ~ the fuel tank. Check that the EVAP manage system push sensor’s connector is fully seated and also clipped in. Check the sensor connector because that corrosion in ~ the wires. Disconnect the sensor and inspect the pins in the terminal come ensure they are clean and also moisture free. Map the wiring indigenous the sensor ago to identify if there are any type of breaks swollen spots on the wiring insulation that can indicate corrosion inside the wire. Girlfriend may have to remove loom or electrical tape to inspect the wiring.

Test the output voltage ~ above the sensor.

You can test the sensor voltage either through a scan tool or with a multimeter.

With a multimeter, verify your referral wire has 5 volts and also check the continually of the floor circuit. Probe the sensor signal wire v a multimeter set to read voltage. With the an essential in the top top position yet the engine not running, you should read a voltage value somewhere approximately 3 volts. Eliminate the water tap attached come the EVAP pressure sensor and apply vacuum with a vacuum tester, monitoring alters in voltage on her multimeter. If the voltage transforms with vacuum applied, the sensor is operating. If the voltage doesn’t change with vacuum applied, the sensor is faulty.

If you’re making use of a scan tool, access the EVAP pressure sensor reading in freeze framework data with a scan tool. The crucial must it is in in the on place with the engine off. The normal analysis from the EVAP push sensor must be roughly 3 volts and also should never exceed 4.5 volts. If the password P0452 is set in the ECM and the voltage is analysis in the common value range, you likely have an intermittent problem.

Perform a wiggle test on the wiring to identify if there is a interaction problem from the sensor come the ECM. Wiggle follow me the size of the circuit, monitoring the reading on her scan device to see if there space fluctuations in the voltage. If the voltage spikes or drops off while you space wiggling a section of wire, friend likely have actually a rest in the wire that needs to it is in repaired.

Wiggle check the connector at the EVAP pressure sensor. Proceed monitoring the voltage on her scan tool for fluctuations. If the voltage fluctuates when you wiggle the connector, inspect the connector for broken or damaged pins. The connector may likewise be damaged inside.

If the wiggle check doesn’t yield a result, disconnect the EVAP pressure sensor and monitor the voltage. If the voltage is still high through the sensor unplugged, check the wiring harness because that a brief to voltage on the signal wire. If the sensor was reading high voltage and that disappears when the sensor is unplugged, examine for appropriate ground and also ensure you have actually 5-volt recommendation voltage. If the recommendation voltage and also ground space good, you likely have an EVAP press sensor fault and also the sensor needs to it is in replaced.

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It is feasible that, if the high voltage disappears when the sensor is unplugged, the ground circuit is good, and the referral voltage is correct, the there is a blockage in an EVAP purge device hose. Disconnect the hoses native the EVAP purge valve and also blow compressed air v them come make certain they room free-flowing. If over there is a blockage, change the hose.