Minor Characters

Grandmother and also Grandfather

These are the two civilization Bruno misses the many from Berlin. His grand owns a restaurant and also his grandm was as soon as a well-known singer. An ext importantly than their ability to feeding him delicious food while singing sweet songs, though, is the truth that Bruno"s grandm is the just character who speaks her mind and also stands up to Bruno"s father. Grandma for the win.

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In chapter 8, we get a rarely glimpse that what the other side thinks about Hitler and also the Nazis, thanks for Bruno"s grandmother. She says to his father:

"That"s every you soldiers space interested in still <…> spring handsome in your fine uniforms. Dressing up and doing the terrible, destructive things girlfriend do." (8.485)

In a time dominated by fear and also racism, Bruno"s grandmother stand out as a interlocutor and an effective individual. And also in a family that appears to live in submission to their father, Bruno"s grandmother renders it clear the his bark is bigger 보다 his bite—otherwise she wouldn"t danger checking the in such an epic fashion. Friend go, Granny.

Lieutenant Kotler

On the opposite next of the spectrum from Bruno"s grandmother space those who believe wholeheartedly in the Nazi cause, of i beg your pardon Kotler is a shining example. A young Aryan blondie, Kotler takes pleasure in his job and seems to enjoy treating Jews choose dirt. As soon as he find Shmuel talk to Bruno that says—to a nine-year-old:

"Who said you that you were permitted to talk in this house? <…> do you challenge to disobey me?" (15.1022)

Yikes—Kotler"s to buy the Nazi propaganda hook, line, and sinker. Not surprisingly, Bruno doesn"t favor Kotler and also Shmuel is fear of him. That is this fearful reaction to the guy that add to Bruno"s failure of his friend in the kitchen. To really dig into this, though, swing through Bruno"s page in other places in this section.


Maria is Bruno"s family"s maid that was taken in by Bruno"s father in a surprising act of mercy. Her mom used to job-related for Bruno"s grandmother, and when she didn"t have any food or a job, she was hired to occupational for the family. This might be why she doesn"t say a negative word around Bruno"s father and is chop lipped around the dreadful things that space happening in Auschwitz.


Vegetable peeler, waiter, and Jew, Pavel functions in Bruno"s family"s house once they relocate to Auschwitz. He help Bruno when he drops off his tires swing by clean his cut—he supplied to be a doctor prior to the Nazis come along, and also while Bruno merely can"t think this, for readers, Pavel illustrates just exactly how misguided the Nazis room in your hatred for Jewish people. Doctors, after ~ all, are bright world who spend their lives helping others—in various other words, normally not terrible people. Pavel"s a sad example of exactly how millions the Jews were stripped of their lives and also identities.

The Fury

The fury is none various other than Adolph Hitler himself, and also in this book, he"s also Bruno"s father"s boss. In a flashback, we watch him come over for dinner through his girlfriend, Eva Braun, before the family members moves come Auschwitz. Also though Bruno meets the disastrous tyrant, the doesn"t know who he is. The does, however, have sufficient sense to dislike him, showing when again that Bruno has actually some pretty solid instincts once it pertains to reading people.

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Herr Liszt

Herr Liszt is hired to tutor both Bruno and also Gretel. He"s a full-on Nazi supporter, and isn"t interested in the same things together Bruno.

Daniel, Martin, Karl

These males are Bruno"s ideal friends in Berlin, the human being he"s therefore dismayed about being taken away from. Once Bruno meets Shmuel, though, he forgets around them.