This past summer, a rumor swept the net that the Fifty Shades that Grey movie franchise had cast Charlize Theron together Elena Lincoln, the older woman in Christian Grey’s life who first introduced the fictional billionaire come the people of B.D.S.M. While that report did no prove true, Fifty Shades that Grey creator E.L. James has actually just official appointed another Oscar-winning blonde beauty to play Grey’s previous flame.

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That actress? Kim Basinger.

Variety reports the the L.A. Confidential star will appear in the upcoming sequel Fifty Shades Darker as Elena, Christian’s company partner and ex. The casting is rather ingenious since Basinger it s her made a experienced splash early in her career through the 1986 erotic drama 9 ½ Weeks, which co-starred Mickey Rourke. In situation you’ve forgotten around the controversial film, allow this GIF offer as a reminder.


In Fifty Shades Darker, Elena earns the nickname “Mrs. Robinson” when Anastasia Steele—Christian’s an ext age-appropriate love interest, play by Dakota Johnson—learns the Elena seduced Christian when he to be a teenager.

If the Fifty Shades Darker film, i m sorry is being written by James and also her husband, Niall Leonard, is anything favor the book, Basinger’s Elena will enjoy a juicy confrontation v Ana after Ana and also Christian reach a new milestone in your relationship.

Earlier this week, Johnson furious the sequel to Access Hollywood, saying, “It’s type of like a thriller, and gets sort of scary.” She also clarified that, just since she has actually a couple of sex scenes under her professional belt, go not typical she is any more comfortable jumping between the sheets for Fifty Shades Darker. “It is never ever comfortable to perform scenes choose that,” Johnson said, “because it’s no in a personal nor intimate environment and in that particular case, that a lot of choreographed movement.”

Fifty Shades Darker is set to begin filming this spring, under the direction of James Foley, before its theatrical release—February 10, 2017.

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