The accelerator body is component of the air intake system, it controls the quantity of waiting that’s enabled to flow into the engine. If this lot is too tiny or also much, it can throw the whole system the end of balance.

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Are there any kind of Dodge Avenger accelerator body recalls?

As the September 2020, dodge hasn’t issued any safety recalls because that Avenger throttle bodies. However, some Avenger owners have detailed complaints about the car’s accelerator body. 


Thankfully, in this article, we’ll this complaints in much more detail.

Dodge Avenger throttle Body Complaints

An owner the a 2010 evade Avenger v over 80,000 miles noticed that the examine engine light come on. The early stage diagnosis claimed the crankshaft sensor need to be replaced. The owner had actually the work completed, yet the check engine light came on a 2nd time and also the engine began knocking.

This Avenger’s engine shut down at a red light and also when restarted, would not go over 35 MPH. The crankshaft sensor was changed again, the accelerator body was cleaned, and the problem continued.

Other troubles related come the Avenger’s throttle body include:

Engine misfiresUnpredictable strength losses and stalls

The over issues were listed by numerous owners that 2010 Avengers and other design years, including 2013.

One owner of a 2013 Avenger in Missouri noticed that his Avenger was surging in rate while driving under the highway, illuminating warning lights and showing a P2173 Code once checking the dash irradiate codes. The car additionally idled roughly and also surged unpredictably while at idle.

The owner replaced the throttle body, yet the trouble recurred.

What does the Lightning Bolt typical on My dodge Avenger Dash?

The lightning bolt indicator ~ above the Avenger’s dash is the electronic Throttle control (ETC) light. The signifies a difficulty with the throttle device that controls the lot of fuel provided to the engine.

Problems through the throttle body sensor and also the accelerator body can reason the lightning bolt to illuminate. The accelerator body may need to be replaced, or the powertrain manage module might need to it is in reprogrammed or replaced.

Are There any type of Related difficulties That have actually a safety Recall because that Avenger?

In 2008, evade recalled 712 Dodge and Jeep models, including Avenger, since their powertrain manage modules (PCM) might fail when the cars were on the road. The NHTSA recall number because that this project is 08V528000.

Symptoms of the PCM failure are similar to the problems described by Avenger owners with throttle body problems.

How do You take care of an open up Recall on a evade Avenger?

Although there aren’t any kind of throttle human body recalls for evade Avenger, friend can inspect the national Highway web traffic Safety administration site because that other recalls that impact the fuel supply and also fuel system together with investigations.

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General Motors also has a Chevrolet Recall facility that will allow you to find for recalls on her Avenger utilizing its VIN (vehicle to know number).