Personally, I would not introduce this product come anyone. Perform yourself a favor and find a different double stroller.DesignThe design of this stroller is quite good. Over there is a small compartment underneath the earlier seat where you deserve to place a few toys and also snacks. Through no method though would you be able to fit whole diaper bag though! There space no cup holders for the parental though and also there is just one cup holder because that the child seated in the front.SafetyNo issue with safety so far. My son knows exactly how to undo other seat belts but hasn"t determined this one yet.Child ComfortThe seats are fairly flimsy for the stroller gift so bulky. The child in the back, oh the poor child in the ago is fairly isolated and also whoever is in the earlier is commonly the an initial to throw a fit. They additionally have no cup holder, and no foot space.ManeuverabilityThis is the stroller version of a semi-truck. The wheels acquire stuck every the time!DurabilityIt hasn"t fallen personally yet.

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This Eddie Bauer Tandem Stroller is no worth the money

I have actually been disapointed in the Eddie Bauer Tandem Stroller. I wish I had actually looked about further before buying it, as there have to be far better strollers the end there. It does job-related for my 7 month old and also my 3 year old. And, yes, there room some perks. Ns love the my three year old climbs in and out, however the front can lock therefore she can"t get out if ns don"t desire her to. My kid likes to ride in the back, and also the ago has one insert you can fold up and also snap/attach to make it safer and loungier because that a little child. My complaints? the is super difficult to push/steer. The heavier kid is in the front and also it have the right to be very tricky come steer once all teh weight is ~ above the prior wheels. The moveable handle seemed favor a an excellent idea, however they often move and also snap when you don"t median to relocate them, and also you have to reput castle in their okay position. I don"t favor that the unbrella only covers the earlier child, together I live in clear Arizona and also my enlarge child requirements sun protection, too. This might be a an excellent stroller if you have actually two younger youngsters who are not as well heavy. The moveable handles are great for switching in between people (my taller husband likes them in a different spot 보다 I do), If you room not going to it is in in a most sun, the good. Ns woudl recommend trying it out an initial and certainly looking at other choices to view if there are better strollers the end there!DesignIt is one awkward stroller to use. IT functions well for two littler kids, however not for kids an extremely largeSafetyThe kids fight over who gets the earlier seat and also are constantly hopping in/out of teh seats and also changing, it can seem rather unsafe.Child ComfortWhen the youngsters ride in it? they seem comfortableManeuverabilityIt is so hard to turn! countless of my friends/family who have actually pushed it have commented on its difficulty, so its not just me.DurabilitySeems to hold up well over time.


Tucson, AZ


Very an overwhelming to steer

We to buy this stroller greatly for airplane/travelling use. As soon as we first purchased it our youngsters were 3 and also 6 months. At an initial we placed our 3 y.o in the front, for this reason she might see and hop in and also out. But it make the steering therefore difficult. Friend really had to put your entirety body right into it to get the stroller come budge an customs to the right/left. A nightmare to use on slick floors choose those uncovered in malls and airports (a bit easier to steer on not so smooth surfaces, though not much). That is our significant complain that this stroller. If you put the heaviest kid in the back, steering wasn"t together bad. I"m sure this wouldn"t it is in a bad stroller for most smaller babies. The folding isn"t too bad. A litle tricky at first, remembering come lift the ago tab thing, then pulling the triggers, etc. The storage "basket" is practally nil, there"s just a little space for perhaps a bag of chips and your sunglasses. The seats aren"t the comfiest, but not terrible. It"s not heavy and also not bulky, but it is a bit long once folded. If you room looking come invest in a stroller, one you"re gonna desire to usage forever, this isn"t the one. However it"s fine for other small uses.


Holt, MI


Great bang for your buck!

I don"t love my stroller.. However don"t dislike it either! It gets the task done and also fits well in the ago of mine suv. It has actually a an excellent look and is an extremely durable too. It"s an excellent at the shopping center or in the grocery keep or park, but would not recommend together a walking stroller. I do not remorse buying this item, was a very reasonable price.

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Mckinney, TX


Very quite stroller, durable, straightforward to fold up, light

The Eddie Bauer Tandem Stroller is the best dual stroller I have actually found. The is tiny when you fold up really not much bigger climate a umbrella stroller, you deserve to place a infant in the ago with seat in the under position, and also the older kid in front. The stroller comes v a cup holder in front side the is fabric so you can take off and throw in wash and the canopy you have the right to remove it together well and also throw in wash! It comes through a tiny but yet advantageous storage on bottom and as all strollers you need to take out most to fold, that is not huge enough for a diaper bag but at this suggest after one kid you understand you don"t really need a million things possibly 4 diapers, wipes and also bottle lol which the basket will organize easy. Has 3 little places to place bottle or what have actually you in canopy back, additionally the handles readjust to your comfort. It is challenging to steer if you have actually a heavey child in the front, a valuable hint also for simpler travel is as soon as infant is large enough to organize self up switch kids if you have the bigger kid in earlier then the makes motion much easier. The unbrella for the ago seat is alittle small to cover every the sunlight off the child.


Fond Du Lac, WI


Too hefty for me to push

I was excited to uncover this tandem stroller due to the fact that the former seat deserve to turn around and also face the earlier and I believed this would certainly be an excellent for my similar twins to have the ability to see each various other as us strolled around. I placed it together per the instructions and also it pushes fine, as long as you space going straight. Any type of time ns would turn I might not gain the wheel to turn. Ns physically might not push this. I thought probably we acquired the tires top top backward, so we turned lock around, and still had the very same problem. I would have given this a much better rating of listed below average or maybe also average, yet when i tried to call Eddie Bauer, castle dismissed me to some other agency that they partner with for their baby items...I emailed them and also no response. I am extremely dissappointed that no one also tried to assist me! i will never ever buy Eddie Bauer commodities again! us instead got a jeep side by next umberella stroller and it is method easier to get my pair boys about in!!