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Long prior to James Bond’s ingenious tobacco gun, ski pole gun, and also yes, also bagpipe total – there was the real-life “Le Petit Protector.”

Scarcely larger than a fingernail, this unexplained 19th century pistol was placed on a steel band and also worn top top the finger, lot like a jeweled ring.

currently a rarely Protector, thought to be among the world’s the smallest guns, goes come auction this week.


special a 4mm six-shot pinfire cylinder, the French firearm is meant to market for approximately £1,300 ($1,840) on in march 18, follow to digital auctioneers Catawiki.

“This rare item is a spectacular display of craftsmanship and also undeniably intriguing,” said auctioneer Alain Dilmen.

“Lots such together this rarely involved auction, and also with this gun being so distinctive we intend to see an flow of bids from across the globe.”


presented in a red velvet-lined case, the miniature revolver was possibly historically used more as a deterrent, than as a fatal weapon.

Generating less force than a modern pellet gun, the Protector deserve to penetrate one side of a tin can – despite that’s about the level of its firing power, according to sector website

The ring gun dates back to one era of many imaginatively concealed personal pistols – native the wade stick rifle come the single-shot pen gun and also pocket-sized derringer.

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An official shows a piece of jewelery confiscated through the Philippine federal government from former an initial lady Imelda Marcos in 1986.


The repertoire was seized in three batches. Philippines officials worth the arsenal to it is in worth roughly 1 exchange rate pesos, or $21 million.
Philippine authorities had the dazzling draw valued by auction authorities from Christie"s and Sotheby"s in November 2015, ahead of a feasible sale.
The jewels will certainly be showed to the public before auction. The collection has actually deep historic significance in the Philippines.
The federal government wants the whole collection to be auctioned before President Benigno Aquino III procedures down following year.
An agency official displays a diamond-studded piece of jewelery indigenous the collection. Imelda Marcos was renowned for she lavish spending throughout her husband"s time in power.
The collection provides a stark look at at just how the Marcos family were life while the nation sank right into poverty.
The collection includes a Cartier diamond tiara. It to be valued as being worth as much as 10 times initial approximates of $50,000.
The full collection includes pieces from renowned jewelry devices such together Bulgari, valve Cleef & Arpels and also Bucellatti.

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