Sara is just what world call the "freak" girl in ~ school.She gained bullied so lot at she old school, she had actually to relocate to America due to the fact that of the truth she was nearly killed by the institution bully.She was put in a coma because that 2 years.Has to relocate in with her Aunt and Uncle, to get away from her broken, abusive home.Now the she is out of the horrid place, and attends a brand-new school, have the right to she discover what she really needs in life?A friend?Contains:- Self-Harm- speak of rape- Harassment- Abuse- Smut


Alexander wilhelm Gaskarth

17, befriends Sara. Friends through Jack, Zack, and also Rian. Plays guitar and also sings. Develops a tiny crush top top Sara over time. Is well-known as the colleges "Bad-Boy", but is really simply a sweet kid. Feels very protective over Sara from the minute castle meet.

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Brydon Craig Smith

~*Doesn"t Come In Till thing 35*~ 26, A human being from Sara"s past. (Don"t desire to provide much that him far in the description. Just read and find out who he is.) ;)


Carson attracted Phillips

*Don"t come into story till thing 17* 16, friend of Nick, don"t pat a large part in the story, just shows up sometimes when everyone is hanging out.


Cassadee Blake Pope

17, *Don"t really come into the story till chapter 10* girlfriend of Rian. Captain that the girls soccer team. Befriends Sara the minute lock meet. Is an extremely protective of her friends, and tries her best to get along with anyone, yet you don"t want to be on her bad side.


Jack Bassam Barakat

17, befriends Sara. Friends through Alex, Rian, and Zack. Is the trouble-maker in their little group. Dram guitar. Civilization sometimes call him skunk boy due to the fact that of his hair. The most immature of the group, yet matures right up if need be.

Kelly Rue Mason

17, known as the school slut. Head cheerleader, and is crushing tough on the college bad-boy Alex. Tries her finest to do Sara"s life hell. Additionally known together the female school bully.

Miles kurt Morgan

17, Captain of the football team. Gets any kind of girl that wants, till he meets Sara. Make the efforts to take Sara far from everyone else for this reason he deserve to have her all to his self. Is likewise known together the male institution bully.

Nick Wes Jackson

*Don"t come right into the story till chapter 14* 16, A small in school, bring away a few Senior classes. Never really speak to people, for this reason he has actually no friends. Sara and also Alex speak to the in class one day and also they become friends instantly. Is befriended by anyone else in the team as well. Is kinda quiet, but is an extremely outgoing as soon as you get to recognize him more. Is simply a every around great guy.

Pierce The Veil

~*Don"t come in till chapter 37*~ we all know who these 4 amazing males are ^~^ Vic, Mike, Tony, and Jaime. Opening band for every Time Low, top top their first tour.

Robert Rian Dawson

17, befriends Sara. Friends through Alex, Jack, and also Zack. Is the most responsible in the group. Remains out that trouble, and also tries to keep his friend in line as well. Dram drums.

Sara Jensen Wells

17, just moved to Baltimore from great Britain. Was in a coma because that 2 years, as result of the college bully placing her there. Self-harms. Originates from a broken, abusive home. Has to move in with her Aunt and also Uncle. Really hopes someone can adjust her civilization for the better.

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Zachary Steven Merrick

17, befriends Sara. Friends with Alex, Jack, and also Rian. Doesn"t talk very much. Tries his finest to remain out that trouble and on everyone"s an excellent side. Dram bass, guitar, and also sings.

This story ended virtually a year ago. The hell is the doing ~ above the very first page of popular? xDThank you all!