Have you ever before wondered whereby you have the right to buy the dry ice you frequently see in her favorite famous YouTube videos? Or to be you ever in require of something cooler than water ice to cool large amounts the food and drinks prior to a large summer barbecue, yet you just could not discover a keep which selling dry ice cream anywhere? probably you need some because that Halloween? top top this page, you’ll find useful information about where come buy dry ice in the joined States.

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There are numerous places to acquire dry ice. Some are much more obvious 보다 others and sometimes you have to be quite creative to acquire hold of the solid form of carbon dioxide. This overview will show you the places where you have the best chance of finding it close to you.

Overview of the ideal Places that market Dry Ice


Kroger logo design / Source: Kroger Corporation

Most Kroger stores market dry ice blocks and pellets. In part states but you will have to display identification come prove you room 18 or older and therefore eligible come buy. They have stores in 35 claims so there is great chance friend can uncover one of their chains in ~ driving distance. Tip: Don’t just look out for Kroger indicators but also for Ralphs, Harris Teeter’s, Dillon’s, Food 4 Less and Fred Meyers as the parent agency owns all of these brands.


A Costco Wholesale keep in Minneapolis / Source: Tony Webster

If you have no happy finding dry ice at your neighborhood Kroger, friend can always check Costco. Plenty of of your stores have actually dry ice available for purchase however this chain walk not have actually a company-wide policy regarding the revenue of heavy carbon dioxide.

How come buy dry ice cream at Costco: If friend would choose to avoid any type of surprises, you will require to offer your neighborhood store a ring to discover out even if it is they have actually it or not. Friend can uncover the phone number for a particular store utilizing their warehouse locator.


A Walmart keep / Source: arbitrarily Retail

If you’re tho wondering where to buy dried ice, you have to inspect Walmart. It has the most number of stores for any retail chain in the United states (11000+). Most bigger towns have actually at least one but most most likely dozens. Some of them are even open 24/7 making them a good place come buy dried ice. Vital thing come note right here is that no all Walmart stores bring the item.

The best way to discover out whether your local one has actually it is come phone castle up. Occasionally they do have actually it, but you may need to ask roughly in the store, together it may not it is in freely accessible due come the high danger of frostbite.


Safeway logo / Source

If you live in the western half of the country, Safeway and also its linked brands room a solid an option when it pertains to purchasing dried ice. They have actually 240 locations in California so there is a good chance the you can reach one through a 30-minute vehicle ride if you live in The gold State. Most of their stores lug dry ice, and also it’s one of the cheapest alternatives among all.

How to buy dry ice at Safeway: you can choose your town in the Safeway save locator, and it will certainly display every one of their areas near you. The best component is that they list whether or no they have actually the commodity available at every store. This way that you don’t have actually to call them, you only need to examine their website before leaving because that the store. Talk around convenience!

For example: right here is the page of the sector Street keep in san Francisco. You can see the hours and under that wherein you have actually the label “Location Services”, you can see the they certainly sell dried ice.


Almost all Meijer stores offer dry ice. If friend live in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin or Indiana, this chain is a an excellent option to acquisition it. Meijer has actually 117 places in Michigan and 25 in Illinois. This means that there is a good chance girlfriend will find one within a couple of mile in these states.

How come buy dry ice cream at Meijer: every you need to do is examine out their dry ice cream product page. This webpage will certainly instantly present whether it is easily accessible near you. The existing price is $2.39 per pound. There is also a link which says “check nearby stores”. If girlfriend click there, it will show every one of the adjacent locations which bring it. Also, it’s important to keep in mind dry ice cream is only obtainable in-store in ~ Meijer. Shipment is not supported for the product.


If friend are situated in the southeastern part of the country, specifically if in Florida, this is your finest bet. A an excellent number that Publix stores market dry ice cream without any limitations, yet to do sure, we always recommend phone call your regional one to obtain confirmation. Friend can also check the end their website and also click top top the “Choose a store” button to get in-depth product ease of access information.


There is no better place to buy dry ice cream in Texas than H-E-B grocery stores. This privately held supermarket chain has around 300 places in The Lone Star State and almost every one of them have actually the item on their shelves.

How come buy dry ice cream at HEB: They provided to have a dedicated dry ice web page on their main site much like Meijer, but this attribute seems to have been gotten rid of (as that Summer 2020). The best method to get it this day is to speak to your local store beforehand to inspect availability. Girlfriend can discover your nearest keep here.

Dry ice cream Suppliers

In the US, most huge cities have actually dry ice carriers which specialization in the production and also sale that the item. There room some nationwide providers chains v dozens the stores across the country. Their advantages include short prices and also high flexibility. Below is a quick list to gain you going:

Local Dry ice Suppliers: huge towns always have at the very least one little business which specialization in this field. To find them, you can do a search on Google Maps or you can look them up on Yelp or in the Yellow Pages. Once you visit this stores, you’ll be met v friendly service, and it’s also fantastic way to assist the neighborhood economy.

Dry Ice virtual Delivery

If girlfriend don’t want to leave the convenience of your home, friend can shot a firm that offers the distribution of dry ice to her doorstep.

Local shipment company: type “dry ice distribution ” or “dry ice shipment near me” right into your preferred search engine and if friend live in a enlarge city you’ll most likely see plenty of neighborhood companies offering shipment of the product.

Ice Cream Parlors

Ice cream shops need to keep your delicious treats cold somehow and also most usage dry ice together it is fairly cheap and safe. In most cases, girlfriend will must get an innovative and ask even if it is you can gain some in ~ the location. Usually, lock don’t market it, yet there space lots of places where they will certainly be happy to offer you some, maybe even for free. Exceptions space some ice cream shops which market it by the pound. Prefer Graeter’s, which has actually a great number of areas in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Illinois.

Gas Stations

Some gas stations market dry ice in front of the keep from huge freezers. Us recommend this together a last will as numerous of lock don’t have it. Occasionally it is also feasible that you need to ask the staff if girlfriend don’t view it anywhere about the kiosk, since of limited accessibility.

Final remarks

Finding a save that has dry ice cream can an initial seem choose a complicated task. But with the contents of this guide and also some plan (phone calls etc.) friend can obtain it in basically no time. The 10 options provided above space the best choices for buying everyone’s favourite Halloween substance in the joined States.

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