I read quite a couple of of her forums and also you sound choose a expert. We space coming come Phoenix come visit my sister who stays in Mesa however my husband and I want to suffer the marvels of Sedona so we are taking a journey there for two days. I review your direction to take upI17 to exit 298 - AZ 179 but our will (Sedona Rouge) offers directions of I17 to 260 come Cottonwood then 89A to Sedona. Ns guess this is essential to me since I am afraid of heights and also if that course is scary (driving best on the side of the cliff) then i would like the course you spoke of. I likewise read the in between Sedona and also Williams has a few hair raising drives, but we are not going the way. Many thanks in Advance, we cant wait to watch your beautiful state. WI


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Neither of those routes is scary. Both are reasonably flat, as soon as you leaving I-17. I would take the 179. It might be a couple of miles much longer (maybe not), but the scenery will certainly take your breath away as you journey up 179 with the town of Oak creek. The other method will it is in scenic, however not practically as much.

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Thank girlfriend for your reply! we can't wait to check out Sedona. Because we are only visiting 2 days, any kind of suggestions on must sees in Sedona are very appreciated!

Between Sedona and also WIlliams, utilizing Hwy 89A, in ~ the north finish of Oak Creek Cayon there room three switchbacks ~ above the roadway in climbing the end of the canyon. This perfectly safe. But if the bothers girlfriend to do that, it's only 15 minute or so much longer to leave Sedona through Hwy 179 earlier to I-17 and also north.

Rather 보다 drive with the ship of the Beast, top top the I-17 ... Follow the 202 to the 101 phibìc & West come the I-17 ... North, of central Phoenix ... Carracar

Good advice already. As to the best way to method Sedona, take I-17 to leave 298 top top Hwy 179 into Sedona and go left in ~ the roundabout for 89A to your hotel. This is by far the many stunning technique to Sedona native the south. The alternate route on 260 was beneficial for West Sedona throughout the seemingly endless highway advancement project top top 179, however that is an ext than finished now.

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