village life go on, even when you're no playing. Numerous villagers to unlock and mysteries to solve. an obstacle settings and game speed let you change the game to her style. Immersive theme makes you feeling for your characters.

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Save the dice Island before it kills the Village!

The beautiful island, Isola, is dying! assist five villagers embark ~ above a quest to find out why. Have the right to you build a new village and also unravel the secrets of the island to save the withered Tree that Life?

Strategically develop a village and fix Mysteries

In this simulation game, begin by picking five civilization to join your people by weighing the benefits of age, an abilities and more. Then begin your village! Allocate people members to gather food, develop huts, research, care for children and also more.


Discover plenty of mysteries, indigenous a weird mausoleum to helpful herbs come collectibles. While you wait for people members to execute tasks, check out with the children in your tribe since they're the people that have the right to collect objects. This video game even proceeds in real time even if it is or no you have actually the routine open!

An Addicting video game With many Hours that Play!

With so many mysteries to unlock and ways to boost your village, this video game offers plenty of hours that fun! shot to earn all 80 medals, from basic ones like acquiring two villagers to mate to challenging medals prefer collecting 1,000,000 devices of food. This game is a an excellent way to placed your strategy skills to job-related to create a thriving village and save the Tree of Life!

For an adventure the offers many hours of funny play digital Villagers 4: The Tree that Life now!

Virtual Villagers: The Tree that Life Review

- evaluation by Mick

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