Sonny Barger, the notorious and feared leader the the Hells Angels, was in reality a hell-raising hypocrite that relied much more on his biker mystique than actual menace.

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In his brand-new book "Exile on prior Street: mine Life as a Hells Angel and also Beyond," Barger"s one-time heir obvious George Christie exposes his ex-boss as snitch, a wife-beater and also a phony.

take the an initial two allegations. Barger"s call to the cops adhered to a residential violence event where he struck spouse Noel and her 14-year-old daughter, Sarrah.

Rumors were flying the Noel was a paid FBI informant — yet that wasn"t the motivation behind the assault.

according to Christie, Barger came house angry after ~ Noel caught him talk with an additional woman top top his motorcycle and also tried to run him off the road.

"An outlaw didn"t dial those three numbers ... It"s the exact same as testifying," Christie fumes. "Sonny had actually been the version of the wild, unbending outlaw. However living v an informant? Beating a 14-year-old girl? phone call 911?


Christie hosted the Olympic torch throughout his power as Hells Angels chief. (Courtesy the George Christie)

at the next West coast officers" meeting, Christie developed the 911 transcript together with a newspaper short article offering a "stunning description" the Barger "in what can only be explained as a worried breakdown."

A neighbor discovered Barger in a delusional state, so out of touch with fact that he to be hospitalized.

The Angels, rather than sanctioning Barger, accused Christie the faking the transcripts. Barger was spared any kind of blowback for breaking the outlaw code.

"He"s constantly had a strange sway the the membership, particularly the weaker-minded Angels," Christie gall reflects.

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but a line to be drawn in between Barger and also Christie, a feud the won"t die until among them is in the grave.

"Sonny and also I to be done," writes Christie. "He hated being questioned. He thought it was his club. Anybody who said in different ways was a hazard that had to it is in eliminated."

Christie, 69, snidely dismisses the 77-year-old Barger as all "mystique" and also no menace, explain Sonny short a "reputation because that violence or being physically dangerous."