Recently, minister Donnie McClurkin stopped by the Yolanda Adams Morning Show and also amid your conversation, he handle rumors that the two longtime friends room dating. Because that those who don’t know, Yolanda and also Donnie have actually been good friends for around 3 decades, so imagine exactly how awkward this rumors must be.

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Check out the audio below to hear what Donnie has to say around the alleged romance. Also, Fred Hammond chimes in ~ above the discussion to reflect on gift a new Gospel artist and also the obstacles they’ve confronted in the past.

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Mike Jones

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Michael Jones is the manager of Public relations for metropolitan Roundup Group, LLC and also Chief Editor of He began his career in the Gospel Music sector upon graduating indigenous Rowan University through a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Since then, Jones has had actually the honor of interviewing Kirk Franklin, Donald Lawrence, Erica Campbell, Deitrick Haddon and also many much more of Gospel’s elite.

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