We all know it, we've all sung the wrong words come it, and we all hear it in ~ every bar in visibility at the very least twice between the hours of 10:00 pm and also 2:00 am. We're talking of course around Journey's anthemic "Don't avoid Believin'" — quite probably the many American thing to come out of America due to the fact that cheeseburgers and debt crises. It's a timeless standard that will inevitably live top top in the understanding of every individual searching for a pick-me-up v old-school nostalgia. But the original, while iconic in the delivery, can obtain stale at times (especially if you're one to frequent the bar ~ above a continual basis). So we've gathered up some of our favourite remixes so the you have the right to listen to the same song, reworked, because that the following hour.

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Fair warning: Thiswill be grounding in her head because that the next few days. Don't say us didn't warn you ...

Journey - "Don't protect against Believin' (Ludomir Remix)"

Want to understand what it's prefer to hear to the track with linked bird chirps and also an island-style vibe? Crack open a Red Stripe, this one gets interesting.


JayBae Music - "Don't stop Believing i know well Hop Remix"

While JaeBae Music's remix doesn't stray far from the originaltrack (aside native a few tossed in digital backends), that does give it a distinct club vibe that lead singer Steve Perry would most likely never have actually thought of in 1981 when the tune was recorded. Time changes all.


Journey - "Don't avoid Believing (Swedish home Mafia Remix)"

Did you really think Swedish home Mafia was going to touch something andnot make it a head-knocking "journey" all the means through? This one keeps the powerful piano runs on the frontlines, while a whispy digital beat updates its layout for a possible run at Coachella, or wherever kids are hanging the end these days.


Journey - "Don't prevent Believing (The Robin Seecharan Remix)"

Robin Seecharan holds tight to the classic '80sstyle in his rendition through dousing currently of blips and blops into the complete fold. It's prefer a broken Nintendo finally found its groove. That enormous drop, tho!


LOWKISS vs Broz Rodriguez - "Dont prevent Believing (Dirt Cheap Remix)"

Ever wanted to listen the classic track run v the muck and also remade together dirty as it possibly can be? This is it, this is your dream that that. Your find has ended thusly.


Journey - "Don't prevent Believin' (MYNGA Remix)"

This sounds favor something David Hasselhoffwould sink into a couch listening come while life in Miami. If ever the colour teal blue and also shade pink were to make music together, this is it.


Journey - "Don't avoid Believing (Sailors Remix)"

Sloooooowing it down, chilling the out, and throwing on the island vibe once more gets this seafarers remix excellent proper. Mai Tais and tiny umbrellas, that's all we deserve to really think of appropriate now.

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Journey - "Don't protect against Believing 2010 (Shock therapy Remix)"

This one is actually our favourite of the remixes, mostly because of that is accompanying video, i m sorry drools cheese and also that funky to win concurrently. Take it us earlier to those times, and haircuts!


Avicii Feat journey - "Don't stop Believin (Official Video)"

Likely the most renowned of every the song's remixes, the Avicii produced track is a rave-goers delicacy. Convey the old through the new, merely put, it's fire.