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Has everyone heard about using tobacco for a sting site?My grandma would pull a pinch the snuff the end of she mouth and also told me to host it come the site.
It works. Plug chewing tobacco works great on a wasp sting - the pain is unable to do in seconds. I don"t understand if chewing tobacco is much better for a sting than cigarette smoking tobacco. A few years back I to be at a zoo and also a punishment (honeybee?) stung me in the ear. Ns looked around and also found a tobacco butt, broke it open, spit top top the tobacco and also put the wet tobacco ~ above the sting. It took away few of the pain yet not all. Perhaps tobacco from an unsmoked cigarette would job-related better.

I deserve to remember getting stung as soon as as a child, my mom tore open a cigarette and made a poultice v the tobacco and also put the on the sting under a band-aid. Ns don"t really remember just how well it worked though, that was most likely 45 years earlier when ns was 7 or so.

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