Many check-verification solutions such as Telecheck and also Certegy have grown in use amongst big-box and also retail chains to avoid losses caused by cheat checks.

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Since Target, one of the biggest retail chains in the U.S., enables customers to pay for their purchases through checks, you may be wondering – walk Target usage Telecheck or Certegy? right here is what I’ve discovered out!

Does Target usage Telecheck Or Certegy In 2021?

Target supplies Certegy for processing check payments in 2021 and may refuse checks for reasons such as insufficient information top top file, an adverse history, and also unpaid debts. Some Target locations might likewise have Telecheck services that work in a comparable manner come Certegy.

If you want to learn an ext about the means Certegy procedures checks in ~ Target, why your examine might be decreased by Certegy, and also what have to you perform in the case, save on reading!

Why go Target use Certegy?

When girlfriend pay because that your purchase with a personal check in ~ Target, you have to authorize Target to process the examine electronically.

Since Target does not have straight links to financial organizations to process the check, they depend on a third-party hazard management company to assess the check’s safety.

By law this, Target conserves itself from accepting potential fraudulent checks that would bounce when processed and also cause Target a most inconvenience (to track the customer and obtain the payment) or loss (if that decides no to seek the case).

How walk Certegy work-related At Target?


When you present a personal check at the sales register at Target, Certegy analyzes the check against its records and provides one ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ recommendation using its threat assessment technology.

In short, the danger assessment entails a range of statistical analyses the look at previous transactions and also patterns of inspect writing, and compare this with other checks that have currently been processed by the system.

Note the Certegy does no look in ~ your credit card usage, credit score, or history with various other payment methods.

If the payment is accepted, the money is transferred out the the customer’s account by the next organization day.

Moreover, Certegy carefully monitors industry trends and also the financial ar to ensure they recommend the finest option because that each personal check.

Why would Certegy decrease Your inspect At Target?

Although Certegy’s hazard assessment models are proprietary v details no publicly available, the firm has mutual some pointers about why your inspect may be decreased at the POS terminal:

Certegy merely does not have actually your documents on paper and so will flag you together a riskYou have a history of unpaid debts with a financial institutionYou have actually a negative background with Certegy, i.e. You tried to usage a inspect in the past without having sufficient fundsThe cashier mistakenly gotten in incorrect information and also your identity was confused with someone elseOther ‘risk factors’ that room not explained publicly by Certegy however are a component of its threat assessment model

What happens If Certegy decreases Your check At Target?

Since Target is not associated in giving or declining your check, friend will have to examine out through a different payment method and call Certegy if it decreases your check.

You can contact Certegy’s customer treatment department at 1-(800) 237-3826 to get much more information top top the issue, find out why your inspect was rejected, and also verify the accuracy of your file.

Additionally, you deserve to use Certegy’s free declined check lookup business by offering the referral number (or the transaction date) top top the receipt you get from the sales register and also the inspect number.

Note that the Fair credit Reporting Act offers consumers the appropriate to see all your reports for free every 12 months.

Therefore, you can always contact Certegy and view your report and files come investigate check rejections, and correct your details through Certegy.

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Target offers Certegy as a third-party danger assessment organization for all an individual check payment at checkout.

This digital assessment company provides an immediate recommendation come Target to either accept or decrease your check, make the payment procedure quick and safe.

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If your inspect is decreased or you believe Certegy has made a mistake, girlfriend can call them straight at 1-(800) 237-3826.