You’ve added some wire cheese to her child’s college lunch box, and also they forgot to eat it. Currently it’s supper time, and also you’re not quite sure if the cheese is still it s okay to eat ~ a totality day in your child’s rucksack. Does string cheese go negative if no refrigerated?

Or probably you opened up a parcel of cable cheese a couple of days ago, and you’re wonder for how long will the cheese remain fresh and also tasty. Or if you deserve to freeze the leftovers instead of no hope trying to fit them into your meals.

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If some of these sound familiar, this article is for you. In it, we go v storage, freezing, shelf life, and going negative of wire cheese. If that sounds interesting, review on.


In this article, ns talk around American cable cheese. It’s marketed in the form of sticks of low-moisture mozzarella, as you deserve to see in my photos. Occasionally these are likewise called mozzarella sticks or cheese sticks.

String cheese package

How to store String Cheese

Like almost all dairy product products, you have to store wire cheese in the fridge.

Once you open the package, make sure you seal it tightly before putting it ago into storage. If that’s not possible, transport the package into a freezer bag and also squeeze as much air out before you seal it.

Quite often each cheese pole is independently wrapped (see my photograph below). If that’s the situation for yours, no should seal the package tightly.

Wrapping is vital for 2 reasons:

A great seal avoids air pockets indigenous forming around the cheese and drying that out.

If you’re including a cheese rod cheese as a snack to your child’s lunch box, placing it in a different container or freezer bag for added protection would certainly be ideal. Or going through the single-wrapped mozzarella sticks.

If the cheese needs to sit with various other food items, make certain there’s nothing moist like cut tomatoes in there, because the cheese will certainly taste pretty negative after an hour or two.

You can additionally freeze wire cheese if girlfriend need. Here’s my overview on the topic.

Single wrapped mozzarella sticks

How Long can String Cheese Sit Out?

There isn’t a good answer to this question.

On one hand, you need to refrigerate wire cheese at all times, and also not let that sit the end for longer than 2 hours, for safety and security reasons.

On the various other hand, if you add a cheese stick into a lunch box, it’s going to sit in a fairly warm temperature for much longer than those 2 hours.

My advice: use usual sense.

If that string cheese isn’t spoiled or super old, and also it’s fine wrapped, it’ll most likely be perfect fine after ~ those 4 to 5 hours in the having lunch box. Perhaps its top quality won’t it is in top-notch anymore, however that’s about it.

Semi-soft cheeses, choose mozzarella sticks, degrade quite easily at room temperature. Therefore, alters in taste space quite possible if that left the end for also long.

When it pertains to your boy returning residence with the cheese stick, it’s as much as you what you’re going to perform with it.

While the quality most likely won’t it is in top-notch anymore, it should be great enough come eat. Unless it’s the middle of a hot summer, of course.

It’s really as much as you come decide. However I absolutely wouldn’t put that mozzarella stick back to the fridge to add it to having lunch the following day. Either use it currently or discard it.

Wrapping cheese stick in a freezer bag

How long Does cable Cheese Last?

String cheese comes with a day on the label. In many cases, it’s a sell-by or use-by date, yet it’s not unusual for that to have a best-by date.

No issue which variety it is, girlfriend should understand that generally, string cheese has actually a pretty lengthy shelf life the at the very least 6 come 8 weeks. And also it usually stays good for an extra 2 to 3 weeks.

Once you open up the package and it’s not of those with single-wrapped sticks, try to end up the cheese within roughly 7 days for the best quality.

Of course, if girlfriend keep good care the the food product, it will certainly last longer. There’s no way of saying exactly how long will certainly it last exactly. That counts on the warehouse conditions, the top quality of the cheese, and also its ingredients.


If your sticks room single-wrapped, assume every one has the shelf life of an unopened package.

String cheese (unopened)Date top top the label + 2 – 3 weeks
String cheese (opened)1 week
Please keep in mind that the periods over are estimates and also for best quality.

String cheese: date on the label

How come Tell if cable Cheese has actually Gone Bad?

First off, look for the usual signs of spoilage, such as odd aroma, any type of organic growth or bluish-grey specks on the surface that the cheese. If any kind of of these room present, litter the wire cheese out.

If you currently store the sticks for much much longer than you should, i.e., opened up for choose 3 main or unopened because that 2 months past the date on the label, err ~ above the next of caution and also get rid the the package.

Assuming the everything around the cheese seems to be okay, give it a taste, and also based on that decide if it’s good enough in terms of quality.

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If it’s not, reduced your losses and throw the out. And also definitely don’t try to add it to her kid’s lunch. If you desire to sneak in part dairy into your child’s diet, making use of old cheese is no the way to go.