Onthe march 1 illustration of ‘Pretty little Liars,’ the girls preserved quiet about Emily nearly getting operation over outside the diner since they didn’t want anyone rather to acquire hurt. However keeping your mouths shut actually backfired! Aria nearly got shed alive at Hanna’s bridal shower, and one that the liars suffered a pregnant scare.

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A most crazy stuff happened on the march 1 illustration of Pretty small Liars. For starters, among the liars revealed she suffered a pregnancy scare. And also another suffered second-degree burns when “A” wreaked his/her ugly head during Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) bridal shower. Five yeah, and also Toby (Keegan Allen) entirely punched Caleb in the challenge for supposedly leaking information around Yvonne’s (Kara Royster) high institution abortion. It was a wild mainly in Rosewood.

Let’s gain right come the pregnancy scare. In a collection of flashbacks, we discovered that during her sophomore year the college, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) thought she to be pregnant through Toby’s baby. So much so the she in reality took a pregnancy test and they freaked out around what your future with a baby mightlook like. Toby seemed excitedabout the possibility, when Spencer was anything but. And also it caused major tension in your relationship. Could this it is in why they broke up? only time will certainly tell, yet as evidenced by Spencer reliving the instance every time she come in contact with Toby tells us there room some unresolved feelings in between the 2 of them.


And speaking of Spoby, Toby punched Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) in the face for supposedly leaking information about Yvonne’sabortion. We, together viewers, understand Caleb didn’t really execute it, however he didn’t tell Toby the truth since he want to defend him from the brand-new “A.” Spencer at some point told Toby the truth, however not before her dad forbid she from seeing Caleb.


Then, at Hanna’s bridal shower, which Ashley threw in Lucas’ loft, Mona confirmed up uninvited. And also that wasn’t the just reason the party acquired awkward. While playing a video game of trivia, no one of Hanna’s friends can recall exactly how she met Jordan or just how he proposed. When Hanna tried lightening the atmosphere by playing part music from the iPad controller, whatever went haywire and “A” pretty much lit a fire under Aria’s (Lucy Hale) ass. As soon as shestood alongside the fireplace, the erupted and also gave her second-degree burns. Ezra (Ian Harding), the course, rushed come the hospital to be by she side. The is, until Liam showed up.

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Other tidbits: Emily went on a hunt to discover who virtually ran she over outside the diner, Ezra inquiry Aria to it is in the co-author that his book, and also Detective Tanner (Roma Maffia) request Aria to come down and participate in a lineup so she could be rule out together a suspect in Charlotte’s murder. And also based on some details Aria experienced on a police report, it appears as despite Mona to be the one who dubbed Charlotte indigenous the diner, shortly before her murder.

What carry out YOU think, dearteassociazione.orgrs? to be you shocked by Spencer’s pregnancy scare? Who do you think burned Aria? Tell us below!