I incredibly frequently obtain comments and compliments around my cheek piercings – also known as “dimples”. I additionally get asked advice by civilization considering getting their own, and since I have SAH MUCH to say on the topic, I believed it best simply to make a short article that I have the right to straight human being to.

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Hi, you inquisitive kitten!

Here’s the 411.

Since I am a firm believer before in body autonomy and also the best to imaginative expression using these skin envelopes we have neighboring our organs and spirit, I would certainly never before desire to dissuade someone from trying cheek piercings.

And let’s confront it, that’s what piercings are… the opportunity to try something! If it doesn’t job-related out, you remove them and also get a tiny svehicle to cherish the memory of your time together. Aww!

1. Do cheek piercings hurt?

My stock traditional answer to this is: “they hurt like 2 needles in the confront.” But really. I suppose, there’s no cartilage in the cheek, it’s all flesh. So it damages, but they’re actually not the most painful piercings i’ve ever before had actually (surprisingly, the winner for me is the simple ol’ nostril… this includes my endure via nipples!).

They are, however, some of the biggest commitments and require an extended amount of aftertreatment.

2. THERE WILL BE BLOOD. And swelling.

Everyone that knows me can attest: I am a badass. (That’s an in-joke for anyone who knows me cos I acquire called ‘cute’ a lot and also i’m prefer “DUDE I am the baddest bitch you’ll ever before meet”). But I was admitedly not negative ass sufficient to take care of getting these piercings a tiny under a week before Christmas Day. ROOKIE.

I believed I could manage it, however let me tell you: the swelling is genuine. Your challenge will be like a chipmunk, and also eating will certainly be hard. When they’re fresh pierced, you will certainly taste blood. But it shouldn’t last also lengthy.

3. You will need long bars in for a great couple of months.

The initially couple of months will certainly be intense. Your body will certainly be adjusting and also working out what to do through these foreign rods of steel in your challenge. The piercer will certainly have actually put in super lengthy bars (more than likely an inch or so) and also even though the swelling may subside after a week or two, they will desire you to leave the lengthy bars in for a couple of months, because you will certainly be incredibly sensitive to flare ups.

This means not only will you have actually not one however TWO brand-new facial piercings, they’ll likewise be super influential via exceptionally long bars protruding and making you feel choose the balls actually enter the room a great couple of seconds prior to you do. Also – beware towels, clothing, little children, playful pets, basic life etc…

4. You will certainly need an excellent piercer.

Just around any kind of piercer deserve to do things prefer ear lobes and ear brows (although you have to constantly go to a legit one… PLEASE CROSS YOUR HEART AND PROMISE TO NEVER GO TO ‘OFF YA TREE’ – NOT EVER, EVER, EVER), yet you want an especially knowledgeable and confident piercer for cheek piercings. Yes, they are more expensive than cheap chains like Off Ya Tree (foolish young Kobi learnt the hard way so that you don’t have actually to), but they need to be! It’s the distinction in between a $10 and $100 haircut. Except (hopefully) even more long-term.

Cheek piercings are complex, so you will certainly (probably) never before have the ability to change them yourself – which will certainly occur frequently as you step up and also dvery own through bar lengths based upon how your body is responding. Tright here are all sorts of long tapers and piercing wizardry forced for bar changes. I go to the folks at The Piercing Urge in South Yarra, and also they are the absolute tits.

Change dvery own time is my favourite time! Love those youngsters #modlife

A short article mutual by Horror Kitsch Bitch (

5. Make sure you’re happy through the area before the needle strikes.

I’ve now had actually enough piercings (18 in total) to feel comfortable informing my piercer if I don’t prefer the spot they’ve noted prior to the actual piercing happens. But tbelow have been times I didn’t, and the results were awful.

Honestly – SPEAK UP if you’re not happy. There are ways to execute it that aren’t rude or offensive (if that’s what you’re worried about). More importantly, your piercer WANTS YOU to have input. They don’t want you to leave unhappy, talking shit around their abilities or studio.

That being said:

6. Your cheek piercings will certainly more than likely not be perfectly symmetrical.

This is bereason deals with are almost never perfectly symmetrical. Deal with it. My piercer used all sorts of sophisticated rulers and also a heart level to mark mine out, and still they are not “perfect”.

Ok, please sheight staring at my photos…

7. Your cheek piercings might never soptimal being sensitive.

As with any type of new piercings, you will must store these clean via PURE sea salt liquified in warmth water. Except mouth piercings are privy to a shitpack of bacteria and the aggravation of being provided as frequently as, well, YOUR MOUTH.

But even when they are all settled in (which will certainly probably take the much better component of a year, TBH) there is a substantial chance they will certainly still be volatile. I’ve never before met anyone that hasn’t competent this.

For circumstances, if I wear heavy foundation for cosplay or photoshoots a couple of days in a row, you deserve to bet your bottom dollar my cheeks will certainly obtain a little bit weepy and also red if I’m not diligent with salt water cleansing.

I also recently had a super poor flare up (after nearly FIVE YEARS of having mine) in which among my piercings acquired so randomly swollen and also infected that the entirety bar and backing disshowed up inside the tworry of my cheek. I had actually to obtain antibiotics and the bar readjusted earlier to a one inch. This isn’t fun, however it deserve to entirely happen. And worst of all, I can’t narrow dvery own a solitary thing that might have actually provoked it. Just (un)luck of the draw!


8. People will certainly judge you.

I recognize, I know – fuck what world think! But i’m just informing you this so you have the right to be all set. People WILL think they understand what you’re about because you select to have such significant (and also multiple) facial piercings.

You may even have a hard time getting jobs.

I’m blessed that I work in an industry (graphic & web style – HIRE ME! *shameless plug*) where individuality is adopted. But that wasn’t constantly the case, and also I carry out need to admit tright here was a time wbelow I think my confront furniture may have actually hindered my job-acquisition skills. Especially a couple of years ago! Although, I additionally think our culture is finding out to accept body mods even more as time goes on.

Strangers will think they have (also more) rights to give you their opinion on your body.

ANECDOTE TIME: I when had an older man in a lift offer me a really memorable ‘complisult’. I greeted him as I entered and he shelp “wow, look at that turbo smile”. I smiled even bigger. He then complied with it up with “I don’t understand why all you youngsters like to put that shit in your face”. Needmuch less to say, I scowled the motherfucker practically to cinders.

You will certainly additionally obtain human being asking the majority of concerns around them (feel cost-free to steal my response to “carry out they hurt” – see suggest one) which is fine yet sometimes draining if you’re currently worn down or PMSing or whatever before.

9. Just like any type of mouth piercings, cheek piercings might damages your teeth.

Depfinishing on wbelow your piercings sit inside your mouth, it’s feasible to cause damages to your teeth over time. According to what I know (aget, mainly from the folks at The Piercing Urge – can’t recommend them enough!), tbelow are 3 types of bacqueens you deserve to have on the inside of cheek piercings; flat discs, balls, and “m&m discs” – which are a kind of halfmeans point in between the first 2, resembling small m&m’s.

I have actually level discs and only one of my piercings sits over my teeth (remember exactly how deals with aren’t symmetrical?!) but i’ve never before been told my teeth have actually copped a flogging. Although my dentist does frvery own at all the challenge furniture I (especially supplied to) have actually.

10. Cheek piercings will svehicle.

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If you leave these in for even more than, say, a couple of months; you will certainly finish up via scars. I expect, you’re fundamentally damaging the muscle in your cheeks, so it’s pretty permanent. They will certainly look prefer dimples, but they will likewise look favor scars. Some civilization acquire their piercings with the sole intent of scarification. It’s a point. Don’t be scared, just be prepared and make certain you’re ready for that.

Now go forth and pierce!

UPDATE: This post is very popular and also I have actually been inundated through questions & civilization asking for advice. I’m no longer able to area questions or respond to comments below. As i’ve shelp, i’m not a experienced, this is just an opinion item. It’s always finest to consult your piercer or a medical experienced if you’re worried about your piercings or have even more concerns around them.