Is she a herbal beauty or is that all about the big booty? We’re here to uncover out if Nicki Minaj has had plastic surgery!

If you’ve ever before wanted to look prefer Nicki, it could shock you to hear the the laboratory superstar denies having gone under the knife. She slammed rumours in an interview through Extra, claiming: ”I’ve never had surgery on mine face. God, it’s makeup, people!”

Whatever the actual answer is, photos of her big-bottomed bikini bod, bubbly boobs, special thighs, and also tiny waist space plastered anywhere on society media. However what did she look like prior to all the fame and fortune? review on to discover out the truth about how she transformation!

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Nicki Minaj Before and After The Fame

Despite gift under the general public eye with over 107 million followers on Instagram, Nicki has kept details that her private life concealed in level sight. We’ve excellent a bit of digging, and also it transforms out that she’s acquired a lot of secrets – so possibly cosmetic surgeries are dearteassociazione.orgponent of them. Let’s not forget about the mugshots that surfaced reflecting her arrest for possession that a weapon in 2003!


In an interview through E Online, she admitted that she wasn’t always so flashy and fierce. “Before my first album, I offered to have a herbal look. Only my yes, really underground pendant knew the side the me.” Nowadays, the ‘Super Bass’ lady boss is renowned for her chart-topping hits, out-of-this-world fashion, colourful wigs, and also controversial twerking performances. Yet is she really shaking what she mum provided her – or are they the inventions of plastic surgeons?

Nicki Minaj Before and also After Plastic Surgery

Nicki has actually dearteassociazione.orge a long way from her humble starts in the Bronx. Native Red Lobster waitress dearteassociazione.orge glamorous hip Hop legend, we’re below to see how she’s grown in an ext ways 보다 one. Here’s a timeline that mirrors some drastic changes since she make it big in 2009 v all the photos to earlier it up!

1. Nose task (2009)

Judging from she old photos, Nicki has constantly had a sharp sleep – yet why does it look slimmer? She chalks it up to the power of contouring! In a 2013 interview with Extra’s Renee Bargh, she handle the concerns head-on.

“They’ll see contour and also they’ll think you had surgery on your nose, no no no, look at ‘RuPaul’s traction Race’ and you’ll see just how you can make your nose look any type of shape you want. When civilization see my assembly they think all species of crazy points that i’m doing to my skin, but it’s makeup.”


2. Teeth surgical procedure (2010)

When she debuted her Pink Friday album, she was more than happy to flash she pearly whites on the red carpet! on a item with The Guardian, the interviewer asked she if her this were natural, and she clapped earlier with a reply, asking: “Are your teeth natural?” many likely, she’s unable to do to the dentist because that veneers to give her the megawatt smile!


3. Boob task (2010 - 2017)

Over the years, Nicki’s boobs have acquired bigger and also bigger, leading several of us to think that she’s had several chest augmentation procedures. If friend look at she photos and videos indigenous the previous decade, you’ll notice how they seem dearteassociazione.orge magically defy heaviness no issue what! if Nicki hasn’t spoken up around it, her daring image speak louder than words.

5. Target Implants (2010 - 2015)

Her assets are so huge that they’ve given her lots of wardrobe malfunctions and problems fitting right into costumes! One time, TMZ reported the her target “exploded” when she to be performing ~ above stage during one of her concerts. Talk around a bummer! 

Since then, Nicki has actually mentioned nothing about implants, yet Beverly Hills operated doctor Dr David Feldmar offered Radar his two cents. “It does show up that she’s had actually some sort of augmentation in the gluteal area. The looks prefer she had gluteal implants placed, or perhaps gained fat injections.”

6. Hip surgical procedure (2016)

Nicki is fairly petite with her 5’2” frame, and also it looks prefer her legs are proportionately thinner dearteassociazione.orgpared to the rest of her body. To offset her proportions through the junk in she trunk, she may have actually transferred fat right into the sides of she hips to provide her curvaceous figure a boost!


7. Botox (2017 - 2019)

Now in she mid 30s, the looks like Nicki doesn’t have a pucker in sight! go she have actually an amazing skin regimen we don’t recognize about? perhaps not. Some world suspect that Nicki obtained a face lift v the assist of fillers, which can explain why her challenge is so cursed flawless!


LittoThot put Nicki ~ above blast once she tweeted about her dad performing surgical actions on the Barb. It all sounds rather tragic, however we’re sceptical about her outrageous claims. However, the shady tweet didn’t prevent fans indigenous obsessing end the hot topic top top Twitter. Examine out the quote and judge because that yourself!

Plastic or Fantastic?

Even through the debate surrounding she appearance, she doesn’t let it influence her confidence, telling Extra: “I nothing mind the questions, ns don’t mental the fascination...But I’ve said this before, the doesn’t specify me. So, I try my best not to emphasis my power on it. Like, if you guys focus energy on and also spend power on it, i don’t psychic it. You know, civilization are sitting in the barbershop talking about my butt, the conversational. That’s what human being are gonna do. As lengthy as lock talking about Nicki Minaj, ns good.” 

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i say choke me, he perform it. Every time that we execute it. Ngga packin choose Hewlett, i told him damn, ngga- you lit 💡

She recently married Kenneth Perry after date for only a year, but we’re happy to see that she’s discovered someone who loves her for who she is – inside and out!

Baby got Back

Has Nicki got to her last form? We might never know – but her style, music, and signature physique proceed to evolve v her successful music career. Whether you think she’s maintaining it genuine or not, the rumours keep sliding off choose water top top plastic.