Pretty little Liars is more than likely one of the many missed television series of the times. The iconic present that was based on Sara Shepard’s renowned book series had a little bit of everything: drama, mystery, friendship, family, love, and, the course, A.

Pretty tiny Liars premiered in 2010 and stayed on the air till the show’s tearful goodbye in 2017. End the year fans and followers thoroughly took pleasure in getting to know the characters and also the celebrities that played them. V that gift said, many world may be wondering if Keegan Allen, one of the show‘s stars, is married. 

Is ‘Pretty small Liars’ star Keegan Allen married? 


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Despite every one of his charms and extremely great looks, some might be surprised to discover that Allen is no married at the moment. However, though there can not it is in a ring on his finger, the gibbs from Pretty tiny Liars does it seems ~ to it is in in a happy cursed relationship.

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According come Seventeen, Allen has actually been dating Ali Collier for a few years now. Collier, a successful and well-known model, and Allen first began dating ago in April the 2016. In enhancement to modeling, Collier has done some job-related acting because that House the Cards. IMDb has documented the short but impressive role. Many of Allen’s fans and also followers room wondering if they must expect wedding bells in the star’s future anytime soon.

What walk Keegan Allen look because that in a relationship?

Finding “the one” deserve to be hard, but having a clear idea of what to look for always helps. In one of his plenty of interviews Allen gained candid about relationships, love, and also what he wants in a partner. Luckily, Seventeen recapped all the vital details.

The actor identified the importance of having a physical connection, but, naturally, Allen wants more than simply an attraction. Allen explained, “I prefer women that are an extremely driven, and have passions, and also follow your passions, and also are great at something. That’s something I certainly look because that in a partner, in relationships.” that seems prefer he might have found just that with Collier.

Has Keegan Allen ever dated any of his co-stars indigenous ‘Pretty tiny Liars’ ?

On Pretty little Liars Allen was praised for his performance together Toby Cavanaugh. In the mysterious and entertaining television series that therefore many civilization watched, much of Toby’s storyline stemmed indigenous his on-screen relationship with Spencer Hastings. Troian Bellisario was the talented and also beautiful actress who took ~ above the duty of Spencer throughout Pretty little Liars‘ seven season run.

Despite their incredibly close dynamic, Allen and Bellisario never had a romantic connection. The same can be said around all of Allen’s co-stars indigenous Pretty little Liars. Talk around keeping the professional.

Keegan Allen’s most memorable moment in the spotlight

Keegan Allen board ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Reboot in ~ CW (EXCLUSIVE)

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Allen is frequently best-remembered for his personality onPretty tiny Liars, however the actor was actors in numerous roles before the award-winning television series. Countless of his fans can be pleasantly surprised to find out that the actually appeared in an episode of Zoey 101 ago in 2007.

However, ~ getting actors as Toby on Pretty tiny Liars, the star’s name and also career take it off. I hate My Teenage Daughter, Young & Hungry, and Youthful Daze were a couple of of the TV mirrors Allen has appeared in end the years. In addition, the gibbs has added to many films. Zeroville and follow Me room two movies the Allen’s fans and followers have been maybe to enjoy watching.

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More recently, Allen has taken the display as one of the main characters in Walker. Walker, Texas Ranger is the impetus behind the brand-new CW show. Jared Padalecki, finest remembered as Dean native Gilmore Girls, and also Molly Hagan, often connected with she character from Jane the Virgin, space two of the many talented actors starring alongside Allen.

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