Harry layouts fans, you could want to think about heading the end for a coffee soon, due to the fact that people are convinced the singer has actually a long lost twin who works in Starbucks.

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Yep. In a TikTok video clip that has now gone viral, a team of friends film your server as they traction up into a drive-thru only branch of the coffee chain - and honestly, this male is Harry"s doppelgänger.

brooo they yes, really went "are friend harry styles" ns can"t :sob::sob::sob: pic.twitter.com/AUsxvu7iQJ- anna (

Clearly shocked in ~ the guy standing before them, one fan outright questions: "Are girlfriend Harry Styles?," while an additional excitedly gushes: "You look favor Harry Styles".

While the employee certain does be affected by each other a striking same to the Watermelon street singer, his surname tag rather says Sean, and he simply smiles and thanks the team for pointing out the similarity.

The Starbucks worker laughed at the compare (Credit: TikTok/ Fridasakaj)
Since the clip begun doing the rounds on TikTok, fans have been no hope trying to track down the well known Sean, v some also joking the he"s Harry"s twin.

However, nobody has actually yet to be able to occupational out what branch that Starbucks he works in, as it was no revealed in the early post.

~ above ig, i actually dont know exactly how im gonna carry out it yet ok ," together they set out on a mission to uncover him.

Fans think the Starbucks worker looks precisely like Harry styles (Credit: bother Styles)
A third even messaged among the guys from the OG video, urging: "Help us uncover this guy Colin it"s because that science".

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While a 4th rather wild One Direction stan merely wrote to him, saying: "WHERE to be THE STARBUCKS".

Unfortunately, every Harry super-fans will understand that bother only has two siblings - his sisters Gemma styles and fifty percent brother, Mike Twist.

Although, if us can"t have actually the actual Hazza we"ll happily take it his doppelgänger. Sean, you know where to discover us.




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