The internet had its cumulative mind blvery own as soon as Emily Osment posted a picture of she and also her brother, Haley Joel.

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The reactions are jus so, so good, you men.

One could even say they"ve been connected...their entire stays.

I know.

In all seriousness, here"s the quick tea: Haley Joel is older, at 31, while Emily is the younger sibling at age 27.

Obviously, Haley Joel skyrocketed to fame after the release of The Sixth Sense.

He became a long-lasting meme through the line, "I watch dead human being."

Before that, though, he played Forremainder Gump"s kid in Forrest Gump.


Like many type of child stars, Emily had actually a few minor functions prior to hitting it substantial at the house of computer mouse.

She starred alongside Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana, wbelow she played Miley"s best frifinish, Lilly.


Haley Joel went on to execute films choose AI: Artifical Intelligence, Enterouge, and also the Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and also Vile.

Oh, additionally, he guest-starred in the new seakid of The X-Files. Man, I love that show.

She still acts, of course, yet a large component of her career additionally centers on music!

Her music alias is Bluebird, and she released two singles this year: "Sailor," and "Good Girl."


Their Instagrams are full of images of each various other, which renders everyone"s surprise over them being related also funnier.

Haley Joel flew out over the Labor Day weekfinish to surpincrease Emily while she attended the US Open!


She posted a ton of images from the weekend, yet the one that captured everyone"s attention was clearly the one via her brother.

I"m so glad that human being are lastly seeing the light about the Osment siblings.


They take pictures together all the time! They go to games together, they go to concerts together, also walk red carpets together...

Forgain their minds being blown, my mind is blvery own at how obvious it is.

Of all the points to remember Haley Joel for, Alisha picked AI.

Alisha, you are so valid. That movie also scared the pants off of me once I was younger.

Now I desire to watch AI aobtain. Anyone else?

Here they are attending an event together. Not just any kind of event, either.

It"s the freakin" Golden Globes. They seriously checked out the Golden Globes together, and also the comments under this picture were still the same! No one knew they were related!

This. Comment.

I do not understand where to start. Mishelle, what did you mean? They look alike, however not that much achoose.

Maybe some comments aren"t intended to be described. Maybe the art speaks for itself.

Maybe not "slap a beard on Emily and also she"d be Haley Joel"s twin" alike, yet the family resemblance is undeniable.

I wonder what Emily would look prefer with a beard. Things to ponder.

She posted a totality collage of pictures of the two of them together!

I kinda love that they do not execute "celebrity sibling" things — they carry out constant sibling stuff, including taking goofy selfies and conserving them for maximum birthday embarrassment.


First of all, love the Star Wars icon. Good content.

2nd of all, just how did you miss out on the dozens of pictures they"ve posted together?

It"s okay, Owen. I miss out on stuff, also. We"ll get through this.

Anyway, the Osment siblings, are, in truth, siblings.

Side note, I bet you can not guess what the second-many common comment was.

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Yeah, it was "I see dead people" over and also over. Never readjust, internet.


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