Cracker Barrel Old country Store, Inc. Is a restaurant and gift keep chain through a Southern country theme. Areas were at an initial positioned close to Interstate highway exit in the Southeastern and Midwestern joined States, but have expanded throughout the country during the 1990s and 2000s. Today, the chain operates 660 shop in 45 states.Cracker Barrel's food selection is based on traditional southern cuisine, through appearance and decor designed to resemble an old-fashioned basic store. Cracker Barrel partners with country music performers. That engages in charity activities, such as its assistance of victims of Hurricane Katrina and also injured battle veterans. Being a component of the Cracker Barrel family way joining a team the truly cares - around guests, about partners, and most important - around colleagues. A career at Cracker Barrel way a career whereby you will be challenged to grow and also develop.
Job summary


As a Host and hospitality expert, you’ll get to welcome ours guests right into the store with a smile and also call your name once it’s time come eat!

You’ll be the first face our guest see, so you must have actually a “Pleasing People” attitude. As a Host, you will have flexible hours (full or part time) and also the possibility for promotion and continued development!

You will require to be able to stand for long periods, job-related in a variety of environments, be supposed to lift, load and carry as much as 40 pounds, and also work with hot and also cold food items. Friend must be able to understand and also carry the end instructions if working successfully with co-workers and managers to please our guests.

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We’d love to acquire to recognize you! message “CBJOBS” to 97211 to start your application or click “Apply for the project online” above.

NOTE: Racism, one of two people overt or perpetuated with unconscious bias, has no ar at Cracker Barrel Old country Store, and both ours Mission and also People Promise space firmly rooted in the principle of valuing what anyone brings come the table. Our employee work hard to ensure that our brand, i m sorry is grounded in actual hospitality and also nostalgia, represents only what is good about those things. While ours décor and also food might harken back to previously times, ours inclusive society and beliefs about equality and also diversity carry out not.

Come for the biscuits and also stay because that the perks- Cracker Barrel supplies our employees:

Culture that Belonging:

We believe in Family. We care about your wellbeing and also your success. Us foster an atmosphere where employees treatment for each various other like family. Our employee are motivated to it is in themselves, and this means we accept and celebrate our differences.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and also Inclusion:

Top Notch Training:

PAR cultivate program: our hourly employee training regimen is developed to assist you grow and succeed. Earn your stars and be rewarded through pay increases

We have a unique role of the Employee training Coordinator at every location and their purpose is to help you be effective in your role

Cross Training- If you flourish in an atmosphere where no job is the same, you deserve to cross train and also work in a range of roles for your store

Diverse career Paths:

Cracker Barrel values internal development- even if it is you desire to become an Employee cultivate Coordinator, a change Leader, a Restaurant or retail Manager, or come sign up with us at our residence Office in Lebanon, TN to work in corporate support for our stores; we room committed to help you with your personal career goals.

Competitive Pay and Benefits:

Competitive pay based upon your experience with methods to earn added pay boosts with the PAR maintain program

Paychecks weekly

Flexible Schedules

Health, Vision, and Dental Benefits beginning on job 1

401K with company matching starting at 90 days

Vacation Time

35% turn off restaurant and also retail items

Employee share Purchasing Program

Street: 11635 united state Highway 431

External agency Name: Cracker Barrel Old nation Store, Inc.

In compliance through federal and state equal employment chance laws, standard applicants are taken into consideration for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, national origin, age, marital status, clinical condition, impairment or any kind of other course expressly defended by law. Standard applicants are thought about for employment follow to the legislations of the respective state of employment. If you feeling this policy has been violated, you might report such instances to the Employee relationships Department digital ( ) or toll totally free at 1 800-333-9566.

Cracker Barrel does no unlawfully discriminate in hiring. If you room interested in applying for a position and need a reasonable accommodation throughout the application process, please contact (1-800-333-9566) so that we can work v you to sensibly accommodate you. Note that people who have any type of hearing disability will be reasonably accommodated in the application process.

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TasksProvide guests v menus.Assign patrons come tables an ideal for your needs and according to rotation so that servers get an appropriate variety of seatings.Greet guests and seat them at tables or in wait areas.Answer phone call calls and respond come inquiries or carry calls.Operate cash it is registered to expropriate payments for food and beverages.Speak v patrons to ensure satisfaction v food and service, come respond to complaints, or to do conversation.Take and prepare to-go orders.Maintain call with kitchen staff, management, serving staff, and also customers come ensure that dining details space handled properly and customers" comes to are addressed.Receive and record patrons" dining reservations.Inspect dining and serving locations to certain cleanliness and also proper setup.Inform patrons of facility specialties and features.Inspect restrooms because that cleanliness and accessibility of supplies and clean restrooms as soon as necessary.Assist various other restaurant workers by offer food and also beverages, or through bussing tables.Supervise and coordinate tasks of dining room staff to ensure the patrons obtain prompt and courteous service.Hire, train, and supervise food and also beverage service staff.Prepare cash receipts after establishments close, and make bank deposits.Direct patrons to coatrooms and also waiting locations such as lounges.Plan parties or various other special events and services.Prepare staff work schedules.Order or requisition supplies and equipment for tables and also serving stations.Perform marketing and advertising services.Confer with other staff to aid plan establishments" menus. SkillsActive hear - Giving complete attention to what other people are saying, acquisition time to understand the points gift made, asking inquiries as appropriate, and also not interrupting at unreasonable times.Speaking - talking to others to convey details effectively.Social Perceptiveness - Being conscious of others" reactions and also understanding why they react together they do.Service Orientation - actively looking for ways to aid people. KnowledgeSales and also Marketing - understanding of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling assets or services. This has marketing strategy and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and also sales manage systems.Customer and personal Service - knowledge of principles and also processes for offering customer and an individual services. This has customer needs assessment, meeting high quality standards because that services, and evaluation of client satisfaction.Food manufacturing - knowledge of techniques and equipment because that planting, growing, and also harvesting food products (both plant and animal) because that consumption, including storage/handling techniques.English Language - expertise of the structure and content of the English language consisting of the an interpretation and spelling of words, rule of composition, and grammar.
401K PlanReduced or versatile HoursVision insurance allowance wellness InsuranceStock choices dental InsuranceVacation & paid Time turn off
Cracker Barrel Old country Store, Inc. Is a restaurant and also gift store chain v a Southern nation theme. Places were at an initial positioned near Interstate highway exits in the Southeastern and also Midwestern united States, however have expanded across the country during the 1990s and also 2000s. Today, the chain operates 660 shop in 45 states.Cracker Barrel's menu is based upon traditional southern cuisine, through appearance and decor designed to resemble an old-fashioned general store. Cracker Barrel partner with nation music performers. It engages in charity activities, such together its aid of victims of Hurricane Katrina and injured war veterans. Being a part of the Cracker Barrel family way joining a team the truly cares - about guests, around partners, and also most importantly - about colleagues. A career at Cracker Barrel way a career where you will certainly be challenged to grow and develop.