In the late 1990s, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam was just 18 years old when he moved to Los Angeles hoping to start a job in Hollywood. It would certainly be virtually another decade before he landing the career-making role of Jax Teller. However at the time, Hunnam met a fellow actress and also fell in love. It was a huge “coming that age” moment, and also he determined to mark the occasion with a earlier tattoo that he had repeatedly dreamy about. Yet now, the 40-year-old admits the his very first tattoo was “a an extremely bad idea for many reasons.”


‘Sons the Anarchy’ star Charlie Hunnam | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Charlie Hunnam gained his first tattoo ~ falling in love during a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ audition

According to united state Weekly, Hunnam to be auditioning for the standard teen drama Dawson’s Creek in 1999 as soon as he met actress Katharine Towne. The two dropped for each other hard and fast. 3 weeks into the partnership Hunnam determined to gain the tattoo he had actually dreamt about.

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At 11:00 in the morning while the was obtaining his ink, Hunnam recalls Towne speak they have to go to ras Vegas and also get married. Hunnam believed it sounded favor “a jolly nice idea.” After obtaining the tattoo, the pair drove to Vegas and also eloped. At two in the morning, Hunnam married Towne at the silver Bell Wedding Chapel.

“We thought, ‘What if we never ever see each various other again? Let’s obtain married and also then we’ll have to see each various other again also if it’s simply to acquire divorced,"” Hunnam called the connected Press. “So we came to Vegas. However I couldn’t also get a drink therefore I actually didn’t think ns would have the ability to get married.”

The ‘Sons that Anarchy’ star states the tattoo was a ‘very poor idea for countless reasons’

Unfortunately, points “didn’t turn out the well” for Hunnam and Towne. The pair ended increase divorcing in 2002 after ~ “three terrible, painful, expensive years.” Hunnam says that the did obtain a “small victory” after the split since he “got the cats.”

Hunnam called MTV global that the link of his tattoo through his failed marital relationship proves it was a “very bad idea for countless reasons.”

Things got better in Hunnam’s an individual life in 2005 as soon as he began dating jewelry designer Morgana McNelis. The pair has been with each other for 15 years, and they live in a $2.76 million house in the Hollywood Hills.

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Their unconventional relationship has left countless fans wonder if the pair will ever make that official and also get married. When speaking with Andy Cohen back in January during his press junket because that The Gentleman, Hunnam stated he to be “sort that indifferent” around getting married again.

“She does not feel the same. She’s an extremely eager,” Hunnam added. “I’ll perform it since it’s important to her however I don’t have actually any great romantic feelings towards it.”

Charlie Hunnam currently considers self married

Us Weekly reports the Hunnam later cleared up what the meant when he stated he was “indifferent” about marrying McNelis. The admitted the he “really hurt” his girlfriend’s feelings and also insisted that he is a romantic.

Hunnam defined that he already considers self married. However he will certainly make the official since that’s what McNelis wants. He says what he to be trying to articulate is the the “official federal government sanctioning of that doesn’t average anything” come him. However, “the romance of it way an enormous amount.”

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Hunnam and McNelis’ distinctive partnership might not have government documentation to prove their commitment. Yet they are an extremely happy together after 15 years. The partnership does include plenty of sex, as Hunnam said Men’s Health that he make the efforts to make love as frequently as possible.

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“That’s an essential part of fitness. … we are an alleged to be really active animals. It’s ours DNA,” the Sons of Anarchy star declared.