Blackwork tattoos room the hot brand-new trend this days, and 5 seconds of Summer singer Ashton Irwin is the recent celebrity to obtain in top top the trend, adding a brand-new blackwork tattoo to his farming collection of squid this week. On June 29, the 21-year-old drummer headed to the Generation 8 Tattoo shop in Los Angeles, California, and also got a bold black tattoo top top the earlier of his neck, courtesy the tattoo artist Sean Hall. Ashton’s recent tattoo features picture of a bird in flight, with the bird’s wings prolonging to each side of his neck.

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Ashton took to Instagram to debut his brand-new tattoo the very same day it to be done, including some tongue-in-cheek text from High college Musical in the caption. “In the way words the Zac Efron ‘we’re soarin, we’re flyin,’” Ashton created alongside the black and white photo of his fresh ink. “I’ve wanted to get this because that so plenty of reasons for a long time…Ignore the high school musical comment, i couldn’t assist myself (it to be calum’s idea).” Calum and also most the Ashton’s various other bandmates have their same share the tattoos, but this blackwork bird tattoo top top Ashton’s neck is just his 3rd piece come date. He also rocks a filled-in heart tattoo on his wrist and another wrist tattoo of five tally marks for 5SOS.

In instance you’re not familiar with the ax “blackwork,” this kind of minimalistic tattoo style features sections of solid black color ink, periodically paired with intricate geometric shapes, or, in Ashton’s case, currently on their own as a bold statement piece. Although slightly various in design, Ashton Irwin’s brand-new bird tattoo resembles the wings tattoo Justin Bieber had actually inked on the ago of his neck last December. Because that his back-of-the-neck tattoo though, the Biebs went with a more realistic depiction of wings, unlike Ashton’s bird tattoo design, i m sorry is far an ext abstract.

Interestingly enough, blackwork tattoos actually have roots in defect culture, and also the simplicity the Ashton’s blacked-out bird tattoo absolutely has a tribal facet to it. Together for the meaning behind Irwin’s tattoo, it’s feasible the “soaring” bird design was inspired by his recent break-up from bikini version Bryana Holly, whom he began dating simply last year. “I don’t have actually a girl friend anymore,” he told 2DayFM’s Rove and also Sam earlier this month. “I’m on my own. I’m a lone wolf!” the comment leads united state to believe that Ashton’s brand-new back-of-the-neck bird tattoo might actually it is in a price of his newfound flexibility as a bachelor!


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