Dodge Avenger owners have reported 69problems related to throttle regulate warning irradiate on (under the car speed control category).The most recently reported worries are provided below.Also please examine out thestatistics and also reliability analysis of evade Avenger based on all troubles reported for the Avenger.

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As i was travel 65 mph under hwy 411 in centre, al my automobile (2008 dodge Avenger) completely shutoff. I can barely acquire my car over come the next of the road because of the steering wheel wouldn"t turn. Give thanks to god it was 11 p. M ~ above a Thursday night since if that would"ve been during the work this hwy is really busy and I could"ve brought about a wreck and also harmed myself or someone else. ~ I gained on the next of the roadway I tried to start it ago up a couple of times and also it finally started earlier up yet it wouldn"t stop transforming over until I reduced it back off. Then ns tried to start it again and it started however every irradiate on mine dash come on. I placed it in drive and also tried to journey it home however it wouldnt go over 15 mph. I had actually several vehicles run up top top the ago of mine vehicle and also I was in reality afraid because that my safety. Once I obtained it house I shut that off and it wouldnt start ago up. I then tried to begin it back up the following morning and the electric throttle manage light come on and I quiet cant walk over 15 mph. This have to be a security recall since I couldve been hurt poor or worse. Watch all difficulties of the 2008 evade Avenger🔎.

Two different incidents have happened. An initial was in November 2018. Ns was driving residence on a city street when the automobile flashed the accelerator body sensor light along with the check engine light and the car lost power and would no accelerate previous 25mph. Brought to evade dealership for diagnosis and also they couldn"t check the and so on light due to it shutting off through restart of the vehicle but to be told I needed a brand-new alternator. Resolved the alternator and no troubles again until January 2019. This time i was driving house from work on a an extremely busy highway and the vehicle flashed the examine engine light and also died when in motion. Power steering was really tight yet I was able to obtain to the side of the roadway safely and also put the vehicle in park. After 4 make the efforts of restarting the vehicle, the started ago up but the examine engine light is still on. I will certainly be taking it earlier to the dodge dealership in hopes of finding the end what is wrong, but am nervous since of what I have read amongst other Avenger owners. View all problems of the 2012 dodge Avenger🔎.

In motion at arbitrarily times my electronic throttle manage light will certainly flash at the exact same time I shed all power at any type of speed. . . . . Indigenous coming into my driveway to highway speed 40-50mph come interstate speed 65mph i was v my really I"ll mommy who has to travel with medical supplies and equipment and when she is in an accident, and also left unable to gain to her set destination, would suffer and also did finally today . . . . We had actually to sit parked for longer that she median is maybe to because of this problem v the digital throttle control. It must be recalled & resolved prior to someone in my car, or myself, gets hurt or killed. Ns have had actually my Avenger due to the fact that February - in march 2009 and today is December 2018 and it has actually happened because that over 2 years to me just due to the fact that I am still alive, don"t typical it shouldn"t be resolved. Again, this happened before I got to the mileage i am now and is tho happening. Mine airbag light stays on and I don"t recognize if the would also work. . . . . . , if ns was to impact from the loss of power that"s resulted in from, the etc. Please recall & solve this.

For months currently my auto keeps stalling I have actually 62,000 miles. I will certainly be in ~ a prevent light and also car will certainly stall. It will start ago up and also then stall again. I took it come the dealer and also they might not replicate and also said nothing appeared in the codes together there were no issues. Ns contacted Chrysler and also they case they didn"t understand what the concern was and that they count on the certified dealer to diagnose. Now my automobile stalled again ns was may be to get home and also I shut the off and also started back up again while record it on my phone when the engine stalled my digital throttle warning light and also check engine light both came on and the off. This is an extremely dangerous and also would prefer you to please record and permit Chrysler know this is a security issue. I"ve read plenty of instances virtual of this happening and also consumers replacing the etc just to have actually it act up again. The cost to repair is somewhere around 400-800 dollars. At 62k ns feel that they placed a vehicle on the market and also now have to have sufficient complaints from the consumer to investigate and issue a recall. Check out all troubles of the 2010 evade Avenger🔎.

The throttle body regulate light keeps comes on with the abs light. Had actually it and the sensor cleaned. Two days later on the exact same lights and also the engine light are coming on.

The throttle and engine irradiate lit increase on the dash. Vehicle has trouble increasing and sputters til lift off the gas pedal. Occasionally when beginning it will certainly sputter and shot to quit. The will also accelerate through itself once my foot is no on the pedal in ~ all. View all difficulties of the 2014 evade Avenger🔎.

The very first time the throttle regulate warning light came on, ns was mid-turn right into oncoming traffic as soon as my auto stalled, fully stopping nearly causing another vehicle to t-bone me. Auto shut off and when i restarted it, it automatically accelerated. Arrived at my destination within a mile and also later the day once I turn on my vehicle to go home, the light to be off and also no issues. A pair days go by, top top my way to occupational again, i am make the efforts to protect against for a red light, throttle manage warning light comes on and car speeds up instead causing me to run the red light. Throttle control light continues to be on for the remainder of the day yet when i go to journey it the following day the off and no issues. Took automobile in to gain oil readjusted and various other unrelated job-related done and they don"t find any issues. Around 3 weeks go by, don"t drive the vehicle for 5 days, it cd driver fine the first day and then today (the 2nd day) top top my means to work, ns went to slow down because that a avoid light, once I thrust on the gas to advice again, throttle control light come on and also I have the gas pedal come the floor but car won"t go above 13 mph. Drive this method for about 3 miles, making no stops concerned that i wouldn"t have the ability to get it to go at all, till I was somewhere safe that I can park the vehicle. Simply went come go rotate it ~ above after about 4 hours and also light is quiet on.

The contact owns a 2013 dodge Avenger. If attempting to move from a stop, the auto stalled and the electronic throttle regulate indicator illuminated. The auto was shut off and also restarted, however the fail recurred. The dealer was not contacted. The manufacturer to be made aware of the failure and also referred the call to NHTSA. The fail was not diagnosed. The fail mileage was 61,000.

A couple of weeks earlier I was transforming and trying come accelerate as soon as my electronic throttle regulate light walk on. The automobile lost power yet after i took mine foot turn off the gas petal the light turned off and also I acquired power back to the car. Took it to acquire the computer system on but no codes come back. Tonight i was merging right into the highway when etc the inspect engine and also the abs lights come on. The automobile lost power and also I couldn"t go much faster then 50mph. I got back to the residence turned the car off then earlier on and no lights room on. I"m not certain what to do. If the lamp aren"t top top the computer system won"t choose up any error codes. Likewise my car currently has a recall on the airbags. Is this an electric problem?.

The digital throttle control light come on and off randomly . Periodically when driving it will endure loss the power and or turbulent idling . Sometimes it will certainly seem as if the gas pedal is gift pressed top top its own . Occasionally it will lose power and also only execute 10 mph even with the gas pedal floored . Occasionally the auto dies completely . Usually turning the vehicle off and back on again will certainly somewhat deal with it where it will certainly at least drive .

I have actually a 2010 dodge Avenger which I acquisition in April that 2015. And also in 2015 I had actually to put it in the shop to replace the throttle regulate body since I was losing acceleration when driving. Right here we space 1. 5 years later and also I am having the very same problem. According to the mechanic that was functioning on mine car, after ~ 2 unsuccessful attempts to resolve it, they contact a evade dealership, which proclaimed this to be a known problem with the vehicle. ~ driving my auto for much more than 10 minutes, the electronic throttle indicator light begins to flash. I am can not to accelerate previous 20 mph. Or if i am stopped, the car jerks forward while trying come accelerate. This is really unsafe specifically when steering on the highway.

The contact owns a 2014 evade Avenger. If driving assorted speeds, the vehicle stalled there is no warning. The auto was diagnosed as having a faulty digital throttle body regulate system. Apex automotive solutions (located at 1131 southern harrison rd, rock mountain, GA 30088) repaired the auto by replacing the accelerator body. ~ the repair, the vehicle shook when driving miscellaneous speeds and also would not accelerate beyond 30 mph. In addition, the electronic throttle body warning indicator presented after the early repair. The manufacturer to be made aware of the issue and also stated the there was no remind or guarantee coverage available. The failure mileage was 75,000.

The call owns a 2012 dodge Avenger. While driving 20 mph, the electronic throttle regulate indicator illuminated intermittently. The failure caused the vehicle to slow down significantly. The vehicle was not diagnosed or repaired. The manufacturer was not made conscious of the issue. The VIN was unknown. The fail mileage to be 65,000.

Takata recall 2010 dodge Avenger. My lights blink on and also off inside my car. Mine throttle control light came on. My auto pauses at intersection like its going to simply stop. Favor it can"t make it under the road. I"m worried for my childrens safety also my own.

The contact owns a 2013 evade Avenger. While diving 25 mph, the electronic throttle control warning light illuminated and also the vehicle sputtered and lost power. The automobile was pulled end to the side of the road and shut off. The car was restarted; however, the fail recurred. The car was not taken to a dealer. The manufacturer to be not educated of the failure. The failure mileage was 72,300.

The contact owns a 2010 dodge Avenger. If attempting to start the vehicle, the throttle indicator illuminated and also the engine stalled. The failure recurred intermittently. The automobile was taken to a independent mechanic whereby it to be diagnosed the the battery failed and needed to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired, but the failure recurred. The automobile was required to a dealer wherein it was diagnosed that the electronic throttle control failed and also needed to be replaced. The auto was repaired, yet the fail recurred twice. The car was repaired a 3rd time. The manufacturer was notified of the failures. The fail mileage was about 75,000.

The electronic throttle manage light will certainly flash when driving at any type of speed and also the auto loses power, to which ns am compelled to pull over and also restart the car. Currently I am having actually battery problems with the car as well. I have reported this when before and have had actually no provides to settle the problem. Now that mine daughter is steering the vehicle I am compelled to report this again. Ns feel it is only right for dodge to recall and fix this. Other Dodge owners have actually reported the exact same issue. That may have actually not caused an accident yet, yet why wait till it does?????? i dont always have a for sure spot come pull end to restart the car. The is really scary. It has happened number of times in the last 6 months.

Electronic throttle regulate warning lights came on when driving 15-20 mph. The light stayed lit if driving on an federal government highway. The automobile has much less power train compare as soon as I to buy it. I have issue that the car will stall if driving top top the road.

The call owns a 2010 evade Avenger. The contact stated that while driving in ~ 35 mph, the digital throttle manage light illuminated as the auto stalled. The vehicle was able to restart. The vehicle was required to an elevation mechanic, that recommended that the electronic throttle box essential to it is in replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was informed of the failure. The approximate fail mileage was 88,250. The VIN was not available.

The call owns a 2008 dodge Avenger. The contact stated that while driving roughly 55 mph, the digital throttle regulate warning light illuminated power and the automobile stalled. The car was able come restart. The failure emerged on lot of occasions. The vehicle was taken to a neighborhood mechanic whereby it to be diagnosed the the digital throttle body required to it is in replaced. The vehicle was no repaired. The manufacturer was educated of the failure. The approximate fail mileage was 80,000.

The contact owns a 2008 evade Avenger. The call stated while driving 65 mph, the electronic throttle regulate light illuminated. The contact coasted the auto onto the emergency lane and restarted it. The car was not required to the dealer because that inspection. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was educated of the failure. The fail mileage to be 92,000.

Was driving down the highway and also noticed a delayed solution when pushing down on the accelerator, moments later I was unable to accelerate and also the car"s electronic throttle manage light appeared. The auto was unable to go much more then 15 mph. I had actually to have the auto towed. I did not receive a warning prior to this taken place however, ns did notice my automobile stalling a tiny bit a day prior to this happening. I check out I am no the only person with this problem, now I have to see just how much money this is walk to expense me. I am a college student and need my auto but no this varieties of expense and also safety threats it comes with. There room 125,000 miles on the car at this time.

The contact owns a 2011 evade Avenger. The contact stated that while driving around 30 mph, the digital throttle warning indicator illuminated together the automobile lost power. This the failure was recurring. The car was required to authorized dealer, who shown that the electronic throttle regulate box necessary to be replaced. The auto was no repaired. The manufacturer was made aware of the problem. The approximate failure mileage to be 69,500. The VIN was no available. View all difficulties of the 2011 dodge Avenger🔎.

The electronic throttle light came on and the automobile would no go end 15 miles per hour. I pulled over, turn the car off and it restarted. The light eventually went off and also kept coming back on with the auto not gift able come accelerate over 15 mph. I took it to the evade dealership today and also they stated that the throttle body needs to be replaced. The price of the component alone is $257. 00 which is on earlier order. There space over 1200 on earlier order in ~ this time. They likewise checked to view if this component would be had in the 100,000 mile powertrain guarantee which the is not. This is part of the powertrain and should be consisted of in the warranty with Dodge. Over there should likewise be a recall ~ above this part. Evidently there are more people with the very same problem due to the fact that there are 1200 on ago order.

The call owns a 2008 dodge Avenger. The call stated that while driving 50 mph, the car began to shed power as the inspect engine and the accelerator warning lights illuminated. The auto was taken to a certified mechanic where they stated that the spark plugs and also coil essential to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired yet the throttle warning light continued to be illuminated. The manufacturer to be not informed of the failure. The fail mileage was 23,500. The VIN to be unavailable.

I was driving on the highway going 55mph and the electronic throttle indicator light come on and my car failed to rise speed and started come jerk slightly. The rmps then jumped indigenous 1700 about to end 2500 then started pushing 3000 and also wouldnt go down until I to be off the highway and going 30mph. My rpm to be still around 2500. I had the ability to pull over and also turn my automobile off and also that appeared to settle the issue, until I needed to walk on the highway again. Everytime my automobile went to shift to a greater gear when I was hitting in between 50 and also 55mph it would happen. It took my auto to a mechanic that told me my vehicle was undrivable since this would damage my transmission. I now have a fully dead vehicle due come the part I need being country unavailable.

The car would sputter prefer it was having actually a difficult time speeding up then the electronic throttle human body light came on. Ns was ~ above my method to a dealership to find out what was wrong. I was merger onto a liven interstate when my car went from 60-65 mph under to 30-35 mph while ns was still trying to rate up to merge onto the interstate. This occurrence came really close to causing me getting rear ended. The following day i went and also had the whole throttle body changed (January 2013). In October 2013 I began to have the very same problems, the accelerator body light would come on and the automobile would sputter favor it couldn"¿¿t pick up rate or it would rev increase while ns was slowly down. I had actually the throttle body cleaned and it ran okay for a mainly or two. Then September 2013 i took it come a dealership yet again, they stated it was old codes leading to the problem. They clearing the codes and also it to be fine for a small bit. Then about April 2014 that would start up again. It would run fine and on chance the throttle regulate light would certainly come on. Yet in respectable 2014 it began acting up again. The rpms would rev up from 1 to 3 when in park. I would certainly be sitting at a red light v my foot top top the brake and also the vehicle would rev up for no reason. It has totally stalled the end on me two days in a row. Luckily it was once I remained in parking lots. This is a newer car and also there is no logical factor to have this much ongoing trouble through the throttle body except some sort of defect. The is also an extremely dangerous. Due to the fact that it will certainly act increase a work or two then be fine for a few days do it daunting for a shop to actually view what the auto is doing. The light comes on and also it acts up and also sometimes when you turn the auto off and earlier on it¿ll it is in fine. But the reality that it will certainly stall out or decelerate v no notice is very dangerous especially because I journey on a liven interstate at least twice a day.

While i was driving home from job-related I to be driving approx 50 mph and I shed power and my electronic manage throttle light came on. I couldn"t go faster then 5 mph and my rpm wouldn"t happen 2,000 i pulled over on side of roadway turned off the car and try to restart however it would only run for a couple of seconds and also cut the end again. My residence town mechanic stated that the concern was the accelerator body. The complete cost in fix is about 500 dollars, and also reading digital there are more drivers out there having actually the same issue. Ns think Dodge must do a recall on there 2008 dodge Avengers and also up.

My evade Avenger had actually a throttle control light illuminated top top the dash when very first starting the vehicle. Thereafter, the car an initial would no go over 20 mph. Later this problem progressed. The vehicle only had actually a little amount that power. It might get approximately 30-40 mph top top flat areas but struggled to maintain 5 mph ~ above inclines. The car would additionally shake violently when the transmission was in gear yet the auto was stopped execute to engine vibrations. I have actually replaced the component and the car is tho havin ghte same problem. At this allude I"m not sure how to proceed.

While driving, vehicle automatically malfunctioned, avoiding rpm in overabundance of 2500rpm and also capping speed at 5mph uphill or 30mph downhill (incline dependent). At this time, digital throttle control light appeared on dash. Since this time (3 days therefore far), the auto has to be inoperable. Attempts to recognize the reason of this break down by looking the internet have actually shown plenty of other consumers have had comparable problems, particularly with this make and model (2008 dodge Avenger), and also attribute it come a trouble with the accelerator body - either throttle body itself, throttle place sensor, wires leading to throttle body, electrical control of accelerator body, I. E. Whether malfunction is battery-life-dependent, etc.

I to be driving mine 2011 Avenger, and whenever I would certainly go end 2000 rpm my electronic throttle regulate light would come on. Climate it would rotate off, then it would come back on if I went over 2000 rpm, and then my throttle light would begin blinking and my traction control light would certainly come on. Ns couldn"t go over 10 mph, uneven I traction over and turned my automobile off, and turned it ago on. I took the the shop, and they said me I have to replace my accelerator control because it"s bad.

The contact owns a 2008 dodge Avenger. The call was driving approximately 50 mph as soon as the car became resistant come acceleration attempts. Additionally, the electronic regulate throttle sensor warning light was illuminated. The auto was diagnosed by an independent mechanic, who identified that the accelerator body had malfunctioned. The car was no repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The failure mileage to be 112,000.

The contact owns a 2008 dodge Avenger. The contact stated that while driving around 20 mph, the digital throttle regulate warning light illuminated and also the car would not accelerate. The contact shut the engine off and once restarted, the car began shiver violently. The manufacturer to be made aware of the failure. The auto was not repaired. The approximate fail mileage was 88,000.

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Was driving under the highway and noticed a delayed response when pushing down on the accelerator, moments later I to be unable to accelerator and the car"s electronic throttle control light appeared, the car was unable to go an ext then 15mph. Took the automobile to a organization station where they ran a diagnostic test and also no defaults were found.

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