The running times section documents the duration in minutes of titles in the database. Because that theatrical release the timing starts from the an initial distributor logo and ends in ~ the last framework of the finish credits. If over there are any mid or article credits scenes, this should also be had in the running time. Because that TV-series we prefer to incorporate the time there is no commercials, however we appreciate such timings room not always easily accessible so complete running times may be submitted instead as long as the attribute (including commercials) is used.We choose to list one solitary running time for every titles which corresponds the default to run time. This is the to run time that the initial release variation in the country of origin and also is indicated by an entry through a blank country field. However the running time of an entire series can be included once the series has completed, the finish running time have to be submitted with the attribute (entire series).Please only submit running times for other nations or version which different from the default by at the very least 5% and when you recognize that certain cuts or transforms have to be made to the title. We discover that differences of less than this are often timing errors or even rounding errors where regional reviewers have rounded the true to run time to the nearest 5 minutes. The assumption should be that, unless otherwise indicated, the running time for a location in any country is the exact same as the default running time. Additionally see the notes below on video timings before submitting any kind of times taken native home video clip versions.Running times must be rounded to the nearest minute. Because that titles of less than one minute duration, the to run time in seconds have the right to be added as an attribute.The major running time for series should it is in the term of one episode, no the entirety series. As stated above, the finish running time can be included once the collection has completed.Silent movies may be presented at slightly different speeds due to the fact that at the time there to be no exact standard of rate (running times for silent movies were usually offered in feet, but we won"t enter such details here), therefore different people might get different times.

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Important: The europe (PAL/SECAM) TV/video running times might be shorter by around 4% because of the reality that film runs at 24 frames, however European video clip runs at 25 (North American NTSC video clip actually operation at 30, yet the carry takes the 24/30 difference into account). Please execute not submit video running time for countries where this uses as it just creates man over whether a title has been censored/cut on video. The attribute field is provided to provide extr information ~ above a certain running time entry. The attributes need to it is in enclosed in ( ). For TV collection the attribute field was formerly used to record variations in to run times; this is now ideal done by applying any type of unusual running times to details episodes. If a movie has been reduced or censored climate the (cut version) attribute have to be used. Usual examples include:

(cut version)(including commercials)

A list of the attributes at this time being used can be shown by clicking the gray list symbol (
) next to the attribute field.

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