Tied up Sex – Why do people Enjoy it?

Are you curious about what people enjoy around tied increase sex?

Are you perplexed or fear of people’s an inspiration for act bondage or binding v their partners?

When you ask world what they enjoy about tied increase sex, friend will obtain a wide range of answers and also a few awkward jokes.

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You will discover that most binding practitioners are motivated largely by their partners pleasure.

To really recognize tied up sex, you an initial have to tunderstand what makes a person want to it is in bound.

Why do human being Enjoy Tied increase Sex?


Some carry out it for control, or the “feeling that control.”

We’re talking about consensual bondage so your partner (the one gift tied up) have the right to take control back at any moment v a safeword or a prearranged signal. 

Why control though?

What is it about control that is so appealing?

I think that in many cases it is related to the comparison with everyday life.

Very regularly at work and in life we feel no sense of certainty or structure at all.

Your boss may seem to micromanage her every move. You may feel prefer your life no your own if you have actually to treatment for a crying infant every day. Or friend are hosted captive to her mobile phone to respond to pinging message messages.

During the bondage process,, you can experience one awesome emotion of “presentness” that us rarely attain in our daily lives.

This can lead come a an effective sense of caregiving.

Fun and also Mischief

I think one more reason civilization like to tie human being up during sex is for funny – pure mischief.

There space some civilization that just can’t resist the possibility for mischief. Girlfriend may have actually felt this prior to when you suddenly encountered a girlfriend sleeping.

Did you protect against to consider for simply a moment the fun of the situation? no that believed fun, also if you no act top top it? 

It is no simultaneous that regularly one of the very first things neophyte bondage perform is tickle their “victims.”

Relieve Modesty


For part it have the right to be around enjoying the helplessness of your partner. This might be particularly true if your companion is a bit shy v their body. Binding permits you to relax them of their modesty while you discover them more 

carefully at your leisure.

Exhibitionism and Thrill Seeking

For some, the is about exhibitionism and thrill seeking. This is particularly true that those the attend bondage events.

They enjoy showing off their skills doing stunner circus tip to it is in admired by other attendees. That isn’t together shallow as it sounds, because it’s a bonding neighborhood experience come share kinks with various other like-minded people.

Overcome the are afraid of Rejection

If your partner is bound and also gagged, climate they can’t really express judgement that what you want, but with consensual bondage, they have the right to withdraw consent.

Sometimes this can be valuable for those that might suffer from performance anxiety or shame about their sexual desires.

Often the human being tying can uncover desires that they didn’t establish they also had when their partner is bound.


There room some that merely enjoy the aesthetic very nice one of the bound body. They space willing to go to good lengths to decorate and adorn their partner to do them right into their fantasy object.

It is a means that many human being receive significance. They create art through their bodies in beautiful rope patterns between the rigger (or rope artist) and the model. Then, lock take pictures so they have actually their art in your mind. It deserve to be printed so the moment is recorded forever. 


This article wouldn’t be complete without addressing the pure fetish facet of it. Some people just require bondage to be able to function sexually at all.

For these human being who so often feel rubbish for your deviant desires, the trust of a ready participant is exceptionally healing.

Please comment listed below if girlfriend know any other factors why someone might want to have actually tied up sex!

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