One that the most controversial components of the Inheritance Cycle was the seemingly-unresolved relationship in between Eragon and Arya. The will certainly they/won’t they relationship was main point to numerous of Eragon’s decisions and motivators, starting with his very first dream the the imprisoned mrs in Eragon and ending with their heart-wrenching parting that the ways in Inheritance.

Naturally, plenty of Eragon/Arya “shippers” were devastated that the pair didn’t end up together. Questions started to fly: why would certainly Arya choose to continue to be behind as queen of the elves? Why didn’t Eragon hit harder to victory her over? Why didn’t it happen?!

Never one come shy far from pan questions, Christopher Paolini has actually shared a wealth of new information when addressing his intentions with the ending, other feasible outcomes, and the duo’s future. It’s crucial for united state all come remember that there will be future books collection within Alagaësia occurring after the occasions in the Inheritance Cycle, including publication 5, i beg your pardon will function our favorite personalities and, presumably, continue to build their relationships:

“The point to save in mental is that though the collection is over, Eragon and also Arya’s story will certainly continue. Castle going to live because that a very long time, and their connection is much from over.”

“I have actually a variety of other stories collection within Alagaësia that i hope come write. Few of them function main personalities from the Inheritance cycle, others execute not. However, i don’t think it’s offering away too lot to say that we will watch Eragon and Arya again at part point.” 

Okay, therefore we’ll see their potential connection in future books… yet why go Christopher decision to finish Inheritance the means he did? as the universe’s creator, that didn’t feeling it was a natural fit together he wove the final story together. Had he adhered to his initial path, the pair would certainly have ended up together, but the results may have been dire; Arya can have abandoned her principals and joined Eragon for the not correct reasons:

“I realized that the characters weren’t the world I believed they were ago when i was fifteen, and that if I required Eragon and Arya with each other (and it would be forcing them) ns would finish up break Arya’s character. … The scenes in between them, scenes wherein they were fairly openly flirting, simply did no work. Essentially, i was composing Arya the way that Eragon *wanted* her to be, no the means that she in reality was. So, i cut back on the flirting. As soon as I did that, ns realized the it make no feeling for Arya to suddenly revolve on a dime at the end and leap into Eragon’s arms. If she did, it would seem together if she was only doing it because that the sake of the dragons, no for Eragon, and Eragon himself would have actually noticed this.” 

One pan remarked that Eragon’s attention in Arya appeared to, at one point, be more about her beauty 보다 her personality. Christopher confirmed that was exact to a degree, yet points out that Eragon came to love her beyond her appearance throughout the fairth scene in the later half of the series:

 absolutely right, which is why Eragon and Arya don’t end up with each other at the conclusion the the series. Eragon still has actually some maturation front of him, and also Arya has her duties as queen. The said, i think Eragon does learn to check out Arya as a person and also not just as a pretty face. That’s pretty much the allude of the entirety fairth storyline. 

Altogether, the reasoning for their currently unresolved connection is solid.

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Arya’s immediate obligation is to leading her human being the fatality of she mother, Queen Islanzadí, and also Eragon’s focus must it is in rebuilding the Riders. Time far from each various other will permit them to grow and also mature individually and, hopefully, acknowledge the power of your connection.

Christopher “No Comment” Paolini pipeline us v a couple of parting gifts regarding their future being resolved, or at least addressed, in publication 5:

will certainly the tension concerning the possible romance in between Eragon and Arya through the finish of Inheritance ever be totally resolved?Christopher: No comment.