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ns don"t wanna loosened this relationshipSo us gotta remain strongDon"t wanna move onI know you sick and also tied of the fussingAnd the fighting and also the cussingBut i love you and you love me tooI did girlfriend wrongYou walk me wrongI take you backYou take it me backI did friend wrong girlYou walk me dorn girlI take it you backI take you backNo matter what girlfriend doNo matter what you sayNo matter how far you don"t take yo love awayCuz i love you and girl I want youAnd girl I require you so lets just work outI aint trying to waste yo timeAint trying to waste my timeAint no need to waste no timeCuz we done placed in to lot timeWhen girlfriend in the center of a relationshipThe easiest thing to carry out is come leaveWhen you gotta stick that out and also a workoutAnd a stick the outUuuuuhhhhUntil the end of the day (reapeat chorus)
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