If you"re the kind of person who deserve to appreciate the understated beauty of a desert drive, a road expedition from san Diego to grand Canyon might be simply up your alley. Throughout your trip, you"ll run into some important scenic landscapes and also charming desert towns.

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The road expedition from san Diego to cool Canyon deserve to be excellent in 8 hours and 30 minutes. Top top the way, you have the right to marvel in ~ Sedona"s beautiful red rock formations and the rugged Prescott nationwide Forest, explore the Mojave nationwide Preserve, or drive the historic Route 66.

The desert can pack much more than you could think, so be certain to review until the finish to gain an idea of simply how great this itinerary deserve to be.

How far is cool Canyon from mountain Diego and how long will the road pilgrimage take

The road pilgrimage from mountain Diego to cool Canyon covers around 550 miles, however can take it anywhere between 8 hours and 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on the route. Because that this reason, it"s advisable the you break-up your trip right into at the very least 2 days, if not more.

RouteDistanceDriving Time
The southerly Route(via I-8 E)500 miles7 hrs 50 minutes
The Mojave Route(via I-40 E)550 miles7 hours 50 minutes

The slower course will have actually you driving follow me the border with Mexico then v the historical city the Prescott - from over there you deserve to segue into the beautiful Sedona, and check the end Flagstaff before hitting the southern Rim. Since of the curvier roads and larger concentration of inhabited areas, this route takes roughly 2 hrs longer to drive.

You could drive with Phoenix and follow the interstate north all the means to Flagstaff, but then you"d have to arrangement all your stops roughly the unpreventable traffic follow me the means – besides being the resources of Arizona and a major metropolis, Phoenix is a gateway to among the many scenic stretches of roadway in this part of the States. Prevent like-minded tourist by driving with Prescott instead.

This sign will welcome friend to their pride, path 66, in Kingman, Arizona.

Best time to walk on a road trip from san Diego to cool Canyon

There"s no definitive finest time to walk on a road expedition from mountain Diego to cool Canyon, together the Canyon has plenty to sell throughout many of the year. As well as winter (due to heavy snowfall and limited access to parts of the park), you can make a strong case for any season being the best for a visit.

Although summer is the park"s top season, and also for an excellent reason, it"s vital to keep in mind that the bottom the the canyon is basically a no-go because that hiking – temperatures get higher as the elevation gets lower, and also they lid off at well over 100 degrees at the lowest point in the park.

Also, driving throughout the desert in height summer heat can take away from the experience, specifically considering it"s not unusual for Arizona temperatures to swell up to triple digits. If you do visit in the summer, be certain to fill as lot water as you can.

With all that said, her safest bets would most likely be spring and fall under many circumstances. Both emphasize the park"s organic beauty in their very own ways, and choosing in between the two comes down to the weather problems of that details year.

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Generally speaking, beforehand fall would certainly be your ideal bet – winter eye will frequently linger well into spring at greater altitudes, resulting in higher temperature variance throughout elevation levels and potentially restricted access to the highest points in the park.