We are 3 Aussies who space planning to take trip from Quebec City to Portland (Maine)in late November 2010 as part of our 5 week vacation in Canada and the USA.

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We have found that there room no direct flights in between the two cities, and also the time it takes to acquire from Quebec City come Portland is in between 4 and a fifty percent and 5 hrs (depending on whereby the stop-over is).

In irradiate of this we space considering alternate options - driving is one (estimated street is 274 miles/441 km), or acquisition the train.

Should we choose to drive,

1. What route would girlfriend recommend us take.

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2. What space the roads prefer in so late November.

3. Room there any kind of restrictions on auto hire (ie. One way across the border)?

Alternatively is over there a train from Quebec City come Portland that runs during Late November ?

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