Sun, sand and water room three points Sarasota has wealth of, however not all Sarasota beaches are the same. Six islands line Sarasota"s extensive coastline, every revealing its own personality, recreational alternatives and organic beauty. Don"t worry;you don"t have to choose just one.

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Longboat Key

Longboat vital is the northernmost and longest island along Sarasota’s coast, boasting 12 miles of shoreline. Throughout the summer season, Longboat crucial is a renowned beach for turtles come nest and also lay their eggs.Enjoy relaxing see of the Gulf coast of Mexico, smaller sized crowds and also a laid-back vibe top top this be safe destination.

Lido Key

Lido crucial is nestled in between Longboat vital to the north and Siesta an essential to the south and boasts three beaches: north Lido, Lido Beach, and South Lido. The vital received the name when John Ringling, a fan of Italian culture, referred to its beaches by using the Italian native “lido,” which means “beach.”

Siesta Key

The eight-mile islandof Siesta key is easily accessible by 2 bridges indigenous the mainland. Made up Siesta coast (widely pertained to as among the finest beaches in the world), Crescent Beach, and Turtle Beach, the vital attracts families and sunbathers by day and party-goers by night.

Casey Key

The south end of Casey crucial is designed v visitors in mind. Picnic areas, concession stands, and on-duty lifeguards tempt families come this 18-acre park year-round. Nokomis beach on Casey key is Sarasota County’s oldest public beach.


Caspersen beach in Venice is one of the longest follow me of coast still in its herbal state along Sarasota County’s shoreline. Long paths and boardwalks enable for bird watching and views of tree species. Venice Beach, closer come downtown, has colorful lifeguard stands, a pavilion with shaded tables and also a café, lots of parking, and also bathrooms. Finally, near Caspersen is Sarasota County’s only dog-friendly beach, Brohard Paw Park.

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Manasota Key

Manasota vital has four beaches: Manasota, blind Pass, Englewood, and Stump Pass. Manasota beach sand dunes and also mangroves entice nature lovers;Blind happen Beach is 60 acres broad between the Gulf and the bay and also offers virtually 3,000 feet that sand;Englewood Beach offers grills, picnic tables, pavilions and a selection of outdoor sports facilities; and Stump happen Beach is a state park perfect because that hiking and exploring Florida’s herbal flora and fauna.